Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Friday, February 27, 2015


For those of you that have asked (thank you for the comments and concern) I do have help.

We have a Nurse that comes 3 times a week but, that will be changing to 5 times a week, due to husband's condition.  She is a great woman with compassion, but, also, has developed a bond with all of us.

My daughter, Kristen also lives with me.  She is such a great support system.  She cares for husband when she senses I have reached my limit.  She is patient, loving and kind with him.  At times, she will break down and cry at the thought of losing him, but, for the most part, she doesn't show it to husband.

My oldest daughter, Tish lives here in the Springs too.  Her husband, Jace is stationed at Ft Carson.  They come every weekend (with visits from Tish during the week) and Jace will chop wood and visit with husband.

I have a great support system, but, the every day reality of just living and caring for someone afflicted with Alzheimer's can test the best.

I don't know why God has chosen me for this journey.  I didn't think in a million years my life would be like this.  There is nothing in this world compares to this.  But, it is my life.  My reality, as crappy as it can be, My Reality.

Sometimes I feel as if I'm whining.  I hope it doesn't come across as whining.  Kind of like, "boo hoo, poor me".  It's not what I want readers to think.  It's just.................I have bad days.

I believe snow has come to the Springs with a vengeance.  It won't stop snowing.  And, cold.  It's 10 degrees right now.  Must be our high because it's afternoon now.  Brrr.

I want to say "Thank You" to the person who offered Pizza Hut.  How sweet of you.  Know what I'd like better?  Love to meet you somewhere between Denver and the Springs.  Coffee, lunch, dinner?

Thank you all for following me in this journey.  Each and every sweet comments means a lot to me.  It helps.  Maybe one day we can all meet. 

Until then, thanks for hanging with me.


  1. Oh no, I do not think you are whining or ever did. Your honesty is real, your grim situation is just that, and you,have been open and brave... And have educated those of us who follow your journey (and pray for you.) Still caring...

  2. I think you are one of the bravest people I know. I am so relieved to know you have help.