Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Turbulance ahead

Someone turned the heat off here in Colorado!!   Oh my, it is cold.  Snow is predicted.  While out walking my dog yesterday, I stopped in the office to say hello to the ladies.  As I walked in, they all said "hi" and I said, "Who turned off the heat here?"  One of them laughed and said, "Welcome to Colorado."  Welcome indeed. 

I had a fire going all day and into the night yesterday.  Was so cozy and warm in here.  Love, love, love the fireplace.  Tish stopped by and brought more firewood in from my patio and loaded it around the fireplace. 

Tish and Jace bought a house.  It's a custom build home, very nice.  She took us to the model home they wanted last week.  Before they made a final decision.  I really like what they have chosen.  I am so excited for them.  Of course, it will be several months before they actually move in, (it has to be built), but, they have picked out their lot, so, the process has started.  Tish is beyond excited and I love listening to her babble about the new home.

They will be a small distance from me once they move.  Not close like they are now.  But, I am happy for them and getting caught up in their excitement helps me get my mind off of husband. 

On the home front, not much news.  We're in what I've termed a Holding Pattern,  kind of like flying.  You never know when the turbulence will hit. 

Today is bath day.  Since getting stuck in the tub a few weeks ago, I use the bath seat now.  Husband does not like it.  He will mildly protest, I just pay him no mind and wash him up.  Once I turn on the shower to rinse him off, he will turn his head up and say that it feels good.  I always look closely at him when he does this.  He will close his eyes and let out a big sigh.  I often wonder, does he remember when he could shower himself?  Funny what goes through my mind nowadays.

To re-cap:  It's bitter cold outside.  Tish and Jace will build a new home.  And me?  Why, I'm in a Holding Pattern!!

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