Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Monday, November 5, 2012


Not much going on.  Went to church yesterday morning, came home and that was about it.  Husband is OK.  Confused most of the time now, but, OK.  I've gotten used to him being constantly confused, so, to me,   it's just the way it is nowadays.

Taking husband to FIL's house this morning.  He wants to visit before we leave.

I usually call my mother every Sunday afternoon, but, she beat me to it yesterday.  She was surprised that I was taking husband with me to San Antonio.  I told her I had no other choice, besides,  I could never leave him home and go to Jack's graduation without him.  She understood, but said, "Oh, honey.  That's going to be so hard on you."  Uh, yeah, it will be, but, it's his son too.

I am trying to figure out how I am supposed to carry luggage and push a wheelchair at the airport.  I may have to get a Sky Cab.  Husband has trouble pushing himself in the wheelchair because of that bad fall he took some weeks ago.  His shoulder is still not right and causes him some pain when he tries.  I may place the luggage on his lap and push him.

All in all, it was not a great weekend, but, not a bad one either.  I was hoping Jack would call this weekend.  Hopefully he will call tonight.

I couldn't find husband last night.  Scared me.  I finally found him in Jack's old room, in the dark, with a flashlight, re-arranging his tools in there.  That was strange.  I convinced him to get back in bed, all the while he was protesting that he had to move things around.  Shook me up for awhile.

Day after tomorrow we leave.  Looking forward to seeing my son again.  Looking forward to getting away from here.

My only hope is that husband will be OK while we are gone.  I know he is looking forward to seeing Jack again too.  For husband and Jack's sake, I want this trip to be a happy one, filled with good memories.

I can hope, can't I?

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  1. Have you thought about calling the airlines and asking what kind of help services they provide, sharing with them your situation? I know in the past I had a family member escorted in a wheelchair when the check in gentlemen recognized her frail condition and offered to arrange for that. She was met at the connecting airport also with help and taken to her next gate - the service continued until she arrived at her destination. Praying for your trip.