Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


My little dog woke me up early today.  Earlier than usual that is.  He had to go potty.  So, I've been up for over an hour now.  It's so quiet in the house.  My dog is back asleep.  I'm wide awake now, thanks alot doggie.

A very quiet day yesterday.  Husband has been so-so.  Some minutes are better than others.  Yes, you heard me.  Minutes.  He can be "with it" one minute, then, the next minute, will go into his own world.  Next thing you know, he's back, knowing where he is and what he was doing.  I am easing into this phase, going with the flow.

I'm still sad, but, Jack called last night, so, that made me feel brighter.  He called on Sunday, giving me his new cell number.  I was so glad to hear from him.  He sounded lonely, but, we had a great talk.  He also got sick, sounds awful with a cold.  I told him to see a Dr, but he said he would be fine.  He went from San Antonio where it is balmy, to Wichita Falls, TX, where it is cold.

He said he really likes Sheppard AFB.  Said it is more like college than anything else.  Well, he's comparing it to Basic Training, anything is better than basic in my book.  Jack said the food is really good too.  He has a roommate, but, because this roommate has been there longer, he has more freedom than Jack at this point.  One of his good buddies from basic is there as well, just not in his squadron.  They are planning on doing something for Thanksgiving.  Jack starts his classes on Monday.

Other than that, not much else to post about.  There isn't much to do around here.  House is clean, no laundry to speak of.  No preparing a big turkey for tomorrow.  No baking.

Tomorrow we will have a nice dinner at Tyler's.  It will be different, but, nice just the same.  Tyler is coming today to borrow some pans for the big dinner.  Those two.  So cute.  He said yesterday, "Mom, we don't have the kind of pans for cooking all this food.  Can we borrow your roasting pans and baking dishes?"  I did have a laugh over that.

While my heart isn't exactly overflowing today, it is better than yesterday.  I will take husband tomorrow and we will have a delicious dinner, be with family and I'll try to find something to be thankful for.  You know what?  With my acting skills, I betcha I will find something to be thankful for.

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