Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Thursday, October 27, 2011

"And the Award for Best Actress goes to......................................."

I did not sleep well last night at all. Once again, I had bad dreams when I did fall asleep, and husband was restless with his whole body jerking for the better part of the night. I finally fell asleep, only to wake up from another bad dream. Frustrating. I'm tired this morning, but, have to take husband to the Orthopedic Specialist early for measurements on his braces.

Husband seems excited to get these braces. He told me yesterday that once he gets the braces, all will be well with him. Sure will, I say.

He was rather quiet yesterday. Puttered around in the garage. I heard some hammering. Went in to see what he was hammering. He was putting a nail in the wall. No reason, just putting a nail in the wall. I didn't ask any questions.

It's like that. I find him doing the strangest things. I don't ask him why anymore because he doesn't know why. He just does it. I did at first. Before, when I would ask him a question, he would try to answer, but the words wouldn't come.

This sudden onslaught of the jerking so much and for so long in the night bother me. No use in calling the Dr. Oh, they'll call you back, but, all they say is "Mrs Lucero, it's all part of the disease, his brain is shutting down and short circuiting. He will jerk". I don't call the Dr anymore.

We have to leave early this morning for the Dr appointment. I have to wake him up. He will be confused as to why I am waking him up. I will have to remind him of his appointment. He will ask me numerous times what time his appointment is. Then, I get to drive in rush hour traffic, with him sitting beside me. He will tell me I am going to hit a car, a car is going to hit us, I am running a red light, (it's green guys, trust me), I am going to get a ticket for speeding, (can't speed in rush hour traffic), I drive reckless, I am scaring him, he's trying to find the brake on his side, he will moan and groan as I'm driving and look around as if he wants to jump out of the car. Then, as we walk in and the Dr's receptionist greets us, she will smile and say how was your commute? "Good", I say, and, I will smile just as big.

I should of been an actress. I am Academy Award material here.

Let this new day begin.

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