Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A new title

"Alzheimer's patients become obsessed with the little and oftentimes, odd things", I read about 3 years ago.  It is during the final stage of the disease, and they become almost paranoid about the most unusual things one would never even think of.  When I read this, at the time, husband was in the process of being diagnosed (although I knew he was suffering from it), and I thought that was such a long way off.  Never gave it another thought.

Well, the time has come.  Husband has become obsessed with our bed, the comforter and those beloved sheets.  He made and re-made the bed 3 times yesterday.  When I got ready for bed last night, I walked in the room and there he was, making the bed, again.  Pillows on the floor, comforter on the floor, and the sheets?  All twisted up on the bed.  I made the bed, got him settled, all the while he was mumbling about the bed just wasn't right.  He wanted to "make it right", as he said.  By then it was almost 11 PM, I was tired.

I had to be firm, telling him the bed was fine, relax, go to sleep.  It took him about 5 minutes to fall asleep.  I, on the other hand, laid there for awhile, thinking and remembering reading about the most unusual obsessions patients suffer from in the dreaded final stage.

Here we are, folks.  Stage 7.

I made him go outside yesterday, in his scooter chair.  We brought the ramp from the old house, as there is a step leading to our apartment, and it fit perfectly here.  As he was going down the ramp, (a very slight incline, mind you), he began to get scared and told me he was going to fall.  I calmed him down, told him he wouldn't fall, I wouldn't let him.  Slowly, down the ramp he went.  When it was time to go back in, he started saying he couldn't go up the ramp, the chair would tip over.  There was a real fear on his face.  My heart was in my throat as I calmly helped him up the ramp.  Then, I clapped my hands, told him, "Good job, honey,"  as he got on the porch.  He had a big smile on his face once he got up.

Last night, I thought about all the titles I hold at this stage in my life.

Add 1 more:  Cheerleader!

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  1. Sunney Sue? Are you a member of any Alzheimer Support Group (online or otherwise)? I Googled Stage 7 and saw several online groups, and wondered if joining a group would be good for you. I have no idea - just wondering...

    Your new apt sounds so nice and a GREAT move on your part! Oh how nice that you have friendly neighbors and nice grounds to view/stroll in. I hope this will add a new dimension to your life and give you the chance to socialize while your husband enjoys the fresh air.

    Yes, you certainly DO wear many hats, and now you can add pom poms too, huh? Your positive attitude is really beautiful Sunney Sue, and making the best of a horrible situation seems to be your gift.

    Do you ever feel like God is holding you up these days? I remember feeling like that... my mom was dying, but I was in decent spirits and each day was OK. I remember wondering how I did it and God's Grace and strength was (and is) my only answer.

    Remember to take care of yourself too, ok? Respite is needed for the caregiver!!!