Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Monday, January 28, 2013

Finding Me!

It was not a good weekend.  Husband has continued this downward spiral.

I always told myself that I would know when the time was right for Home Health Care.  I hesitated before, because he still had some of his faculties.  He could dress himself, bathe himself, take himself to the bathroom.  All that ended this weekend.  Since last week, I have had to dress him and assist him in going to the bathroom.  That was when I introduced the adult diapers.  He has worn them since without a fight.

Late Saturday night and into the wee hours of Sunday was a nightmare.  He couldn't find the bathroom, his state of confusion had reached it's limit.  It was a rough night.

When he woke yesterday morning, I fed him breakfast, and told him I was going to give him a haircut and bathe him.  With him wearing diapers now, I want to make sure he is clean.  He was confused about that, but, did not fight me on it.

Because husband can't communicate to other people much anymore, I have taught myself how to cut his hair.  He no longer goes to the barber.  After his breakfast, I gave him a haircut.  It turned out nice and neat.

Then, it was time for his bath.  He relaxed in the tub as I talked to him softly.  As I poured the hot water over him, he would tell me how good that felt.  I scrubbed him down.  I told him I was going to do this every other day from now on because I want him to be clean.

Getting him out of the tub was difficult as his legs are so stiff.  Once he was out, I powdered him down, put deodorant on him, he brushed his teeth. Got him dressed in fresh clean clothes and he laid down on the bed and promptly fell asleep for 5 hours.  I let him sleep.

While he was sleeping, I knew it was time.  Time for the professionals to come in and help me out.  So, I will call this morning and set it all up.

Maybe once a nurse is here, I can have a little freedom.  Oh, wouldn't that be nice.

I have to find me again.  It's time.

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  1. Yes, it is time. It may get really hard to get him out of the tub. They can also teach you ways to do these things when they aren't there. I bet you were tired. You are such a devoted and loving wife even in the hard times. (((((HUGS)))))