Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Doctor visit

And the saga with mirrors continue.

When husband woke yesterday morning, he sat on the side of the bed and told me we had to "make a plan to get rid of the people in the closet."  With my heart in my throat, I told him OK, what was the plan.  He cleared his throat and said, "Well, we have to go to the bank and tell them about this.  Do you think they can help us?"

It was then and there I decided to call Dr A's office.  I was uneasy about all of this.  Scared.  At 8 am sharp, I was on the phone.

I had called the D's office last week to set up Home Health Care, but, kept missing Melanie's call back.  When I got through, I told the receptionist this was urgent, I needed to speak with Melanie ASAP.  After listening to me tell them of the "people in the closet", I was put right through to Dr A's wonderful nurse, Melanie.  To say she is compassionate and caring would be an understatement.  She told me that she has been in contact with the home nursing program, but, was still working on it.  Said we should be able to have a nurse by early next week.

She was quite concerned about this sudden turn of events with husband.  She said Dr was at main hospital clinic, but, she would put an urgent call through to him and get back with me.

Around 1:30, that beloved Dr A called me personally.  I told him everything.  I know I was blubbering at times, but, God Bless him.  He listened with an occasional, "Uh huh", or "My, my."

He told me he had heard of some patients becoming obsessed with mirrors.  Said he had not actually seen it, but, had heard of it.  He said it was not really hallucinations, but delusional behavior.  He explained that these patients no longer recognize themselves, so, if they see themselves in the mirror, they will think it's someone else.

Dr wants to see husband tomorrow.  Wants to see where we are at and may prescribe an anti-psychotic agent to help with the delusions.  I am relieved that husband will be seen.  Dr said he is concerned about this sudden decline, but, said it is not unusual.  Whew.  He also said maybe I should call the office and request them to take the mirrored doors away.

I began to relax a little last night.  Then, around 8 or so, husband became restless.  I went into the bedroom to find him on his knees, staring into the mirror.  He was making a stabbing motion at the mirror.  He told me he was trying to get the stuff on his nightstand and couldn't.  Once I looked at what he was doing, it dawned on me that he was trying to touch his stuff on his nightstand from the reflection in the mirror.  So glad we are going to the Dr tomorrow.

Husband slept decent last night.  Which means I slept decent.

The mirrored closet doors are going out today,  if I have to take them out myself.

In a way, this rapid decline is good.  If it means husband will leave this earth sooner and not have to suffer long, then I'm OK with it.

Only God knows when the time is right.



  1. oh, tears fill my eyes as I read this. This is heart breaking. Praying for you today.

  2. When I read this, all I could think was, "how many different ways can a heart be broken?"

    I am glad you are seeing the doctor today - for you and for your husband. I know there are no answers, but I hope you receive help and reassurance.