Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

GPS Tracking System

Yesterday was spent quietly at home.  The snow storm seemed to subside, even though some parts of freeways remained closed.  Glad I didn't go in to work as a fill-in.  Actually, after the weekend I had, I didn't want to leave husband anyway.  Kristen offered to come up, but, I didn't feel comfortable in leaving him.

He was still awake when I went to bed.  And, "it" happened again.  As I was turning the covers back on my side of the bed,  I looked to find husband staring at me.  I told him to turn off his light and the TV.  He kept staring, not saying anything.  It hit me.  Crap, he doesn't recognize me.  That sent chills up my back.  I told him again to turn the light and TV off.  He never said a word.  Once I got into bed, I asked him to hand me the remote (he sometimes forgets how the remote works).  He handed it to me, sat up, looked once again at me, turned over and turned off the light.  He did not say, "Who are you?", but, it was written all over his face.

What a crappy way to end the day.

He told me yesterday what he wanted for his birthday.  Now, his birthday is in May, and honestly?  I never thought he'd make it to his 48th year.  Never.  If he makes it, he will be the first one in his family affected by Alzheimer's to have made it to 48 years.  The rest all died by age 47.  Anyway, he told me he wanted a GPS System.  I sat there stunned.  My first thought was, "What do you want with a GPS?,"  but, of course I did not say it.  Man, he was serious.  Said it would help him in the city.  I just nodded my head.  No use in saying anything more.

Later, I got to thinking.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if someone would invent a GPS for Alzheimer's patients?  Not for driving, but, for their brain.  Imagine it, won't you?   If they forget who you are, the GPS would say, "That is your wife".  First thing in the morning it would tell them what day it is.  What time it is.  What month it is.  What season it is.  What year it is.  Where they are.  If they forgot, this system would remind them.  If they had questions, they could ask their own personal GPS system.  They would get their answers.

Sound crazy?  Try living with someone you love that has Alzheimer's.  Wouldn't seem so crazy.

A GPS Tracking System for the Mind.  How wonderful indeed.

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  1. Wow what a great concept, a GPS for Alzheimer patients. Very intriguing. A nice feautre to have on the GPS would be tracking by GPS so they could see where there family is. I really think this could be a useful tool in helping the recovery of an Alzheimer patient. Thanks for the post, it's great.