Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Jack's 14 day leave & a birthday

So glad we are seeing Dr A today.  I should learn something about Home Health Care also.

Melanie is giving me a copy of husband's final diagnosis.  She said I need to take that down to Social Security.  She explained that Social Security does not recognize Power of Attorney  (which I already am over husband), that I have to take confirmation from Dr.  I asked her why I had to do that now and she hesitated and said, "It's time."

Husband seemed nervous about going to the Dr last night.  Dr asks husband a lot of questions.  Like, where are we, what floor are we on, what day of the week is it, what is the date.  He came to me last night and asked for a pen and piece of paper.  I asked why.  He said, "Well, the doctor is going to ask me the date tomorrow and I want to get it right."  He couldn't spell February, so he put Feb.

Later, I checked in on him.  There he sat, on the edge of the bed, holding that piece of paper and staring at it.  I asked if he was OK, he nodded and said, "I'm studying."

I had to take Kristen on a few errands yesterday morning.  Of course I was taking husband.  Gone are the days when I could leave him for a few hours.  As I was getting him dressed he said, "Is Jack going to watch the dog?"  What?  I calmly explained that Jack was not here, he's in the Air Force now.  He looked at me confused but did not say anything more.  I took the dog with us.

The rest of the day was spent quietly.  Husband slept a little.  Confusion is constant now.

Jack will be coming home on a 14 day leave.  Be still my heart.  While I am beyond excited to see him, seeing his dad will be something else.  I have to warn him ahead of time.  I just don't know how I'm going to do that or what I'm going to say.

Just when I think husband is completely gone, he surprises me.  When I told him the date when Jack comes, he thought for a moment and said, "That's my mom's birthday."

He is right.  March 4th was her birthday.


  1. I think it's good for Jack to come home. It won't be a good visit but it is needed for him to see his dad. You don't have to explain. He has to see him . Maybe it will give you a little break as well. Maybe you and Jack can go out for lunch if you have some help by then. It isn't unusual for them to remember something from the past. I amamazed that he was studying before the appt. knowing he would be quized. My dad hated his appt.s as well. The doctor would take him on walks and then have my dad lead the way back. My dad of course would get lost and that made him mad. He said that the doctor did that on purpose. I'm sorry that things are getting worse for you. Hope God gives you the strength that you need.

  2. I am waiting to hear about the doctor visit when you have time to write about it. I so hope something positive came about for you.

    I agree with Debby's comment about Jack. What a difficult visit, but necessary too. And for you, just one more thing to break your heart into a million pieces.

    Alzheimer’s is so strange. I remember my brothers and I visiting my dad and thinking if anyone wanted to see him/talk with him, the time was NOW. So, we alerted family. A week later, a family member visited my dad and was greeted with an enthusiastic, “hi Don!” My dad then went on to talk with Don about previous times as if nothing was the matter with him… Don thought my brothers and I were a little nuts for alarming him.

    The only reason I mention it is that perhaps Jack’s visit will be one of those upward swings, and just MAYBE not overwhelmingly shocking. Maybe. Like you say, with Alzheimer’s you just never know. Whatever happens, YOU will be there for your son and that will count for a lot.

    Hoping you have a good day today!