Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Brand New Laptop

Coming to you live from my BRAND NEW LAPTOP!!

A member of my family bought me this wonderful machine.  I can't thank her enough.  I was so used to my old one, I didn't realize just what a dinosaur it was.  It was a good laptop, 8 years old, but, oh, this one?  Why, it's so state of the art, it'll probably cook your meals if you ask it!

I'm still learning all the functions and features, but, I'm in heaven.  Oh, be still my heart.

Father in law came for a visit yesterday morning.  What a different man he has become.  I enjoy his visits now and look forward to going to his house for visits as well.  He is very tender with husband.  You can see the pain in his face, but, he does his best when around husband.

Husband has been OK this week.  No big changes to report.  Mostly constant state of confusion, but other than that, it's been OK.

I was reading my blog yesterday, back to when I first started blogging.  As I was reading some of my earlier posts, I kept saying husband didn't have long to live.  Here we are, 2 years out and he's still here.  I was warned by all the professionals that with his type of disease, you just never know.  They weren't kidding.

We are approaching his 48th birthday.  One that his mother, brothers and father never lived to see.  While I am happy to say he's still here, there is also a feeling of dread inside of me that this will be his last.  But, who knows? 

There are days that if I dare think to when he is gone, I lose my breath.  Then, there are days as I watch him struggle and suffer, I pray the Lord to take him Home.  Then, the guilt sets in and I feel horrible. 

Man, this is hard.

I am still trying to get some Home Health Care here. Seems if you have Medicaid, all doors are open to you.  But, if you have Medicare, you have to pay for nurses to come to the home.  Obviously, they, the "professionals" think if you have Medicare, you've got money to pay for private, in-home care.

One day, I shall go to Washington, DC and change all of that.

In the meantime, I care for him myself.  It's not easy, no sir, but, I'm all he has.

Jack has been working at the Recruiting offices, so, we haven't seen too much of him.  He will be done the end of this week.  Then it will be time for us to spend together.  Looking forward to that.

So, my first post on a brand new laptop.  It was fun!!

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