Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Special dinner and a guest!

He is Risen.

Happy Easter to all.

Day 2 of this new anti psychotic medicine.  Husband started to get angry, but, after giving him the med, he quieted down and watched TV.  By 9 PM, after giving him his other pill, he went to sleep.  He slept all night.

He went outside yesterday afternoon by himself.  In his scooter chair.  He sat outside for about 2 hours.  Fresh air.  He has been somewhat quiet the last few days. 

Before diagnosis, I always thought giving someone high powered drugs was a lazy way to care for someone.  It meant that the caregiver could relax and not have to deal with any issues in regards to a very ill patient.  I thought it was a cruel way to care for someone suffering.

Fast forward to the here and now.  Now, I see and understand the importance of these high powered drugs.  It's not because I'm lazy, cruel or just don't care.  Just the opposite. 

So, if keeping him on these drugs for his safety, my safety, his peace of mind and all around general well-being, then, so be it.

I am still depressed.  When I think of placing husband, I remove it from my mind.  Don't want to think about it just yet.  Not now, I tell myself.  Later, I tell myself.  Another day.  I have time, I tell myself. 

I got a small ham for our Easter Dinner.  I told husband what I'm making for dinner.   At first, he didn't know it was Easter.  Then, he shrugged his shoulders and mumbled something.  He used to enjoy my cooking.  That's gone now.

I invited a neighbor of mine here at the apts.  She is so sweet and has medical issues.  She lives alone and told me one time she gets lonely.  When I invited her, her little face lit up.  I told her what I was cooking and she said, "My kind of meal."

I made someone happy for today.  Makes me feel good. 

Feeling good is not something I experience much anymore.  So, if making a lonely person happy, well, it's good for my Soul.

May your day be filled with the wonder of the Risen Savior.

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  1. You will know what to do when you need to regarding your dear husband's need for more care. As you look back, you have taken each step (diapers, extra medicines) as the need has arisen. Praying for you today. So nice you can share this day with your neighbor as well as your husband. Thinking of you, that the joy of a Risen Saviour brings you hope.