Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Friday, May 24, 2013

Birthday recap

Husband's birthday was, in a nutshell, not pleasant.  He woke up lost in his own world.  It was all downhill from there. 

It all started when he got up from bed and I went in to sing him HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  Once I got a closer look, I could see he was not right.  As I sang to him, he stared straight ahead, not even realizing I was singing to him.

He began to search for his wallet. It was not on his nightstand and so, the search for the wallet began.  It started around 8 AM.  By 2:30 PM I was completely nuts.  He kept insisting that someone had broken into our apartment and took his wallet.  Knowing this pattern of behavior, I knew he had hid it and couldn't remember where.  Of course, I searched the bedroom over and over.  I even checked the clothes hamper.  I searched the linen closet.  I checked the drawers in the bathroom.  I looked in the bathroom wastebasket.  The trashcan in the kitchen.

By afternoon, I was spent.  I went outside and asked God to help me find his wallet.  10 minutes later, the wallet was found.  In between the mattress of our bed.  I had checked there before, but, didn't go deep enough. 

Husband showed no emotion once the wallet was found. 

During the big search, calls were coming in, wishing him happy birthday.  Also in between, I somehow managed to make him a birthday cake.  Not carrot cake this time.  He wanted German chocolate.

I would have to tell him who was calling and hand him the phone.  He was polite on the phone, but, didn't know how to hold it.

After dinner and dishes, I went outside to get some fresh air and try to relax some.  Husband called me in and said someone had taken his wallet again.  He did it again!  I was on the verge of tears out of frustration.

It took about 30 minutes and we found t.  I then became very stern wit him and told him if he hid that wallet again I was going to be very angry with him.  "The wallet stays right here.  Do you understand me?  If you don't behave, I will be very angry with you.  You need to behave!!"

I just couldn't help it.  I had had it.  That seemed to do the trick, but, he wanted to know why I was so upset with him, he didn't do anything.

Oy,oy, oy.

Husband woke up early today.  One look at him told me he was not there.  As I sat down to blog about his birthday, I suddenly noticed a mess in the bedroom.  He had taken all the pillows off the bed and had pulled some of the vertical blinds off the track.  His walker was upside down on the floor.

Once I got in there, he told me he was trying to get out of the garage.  I told him we are home.  He doesn't believe me.  I have to call maintenance this morning. They have to replace 3 of the verticals. 

What a joke.  Yeah, husband made it to his 48th birthday.  Something those before him did not.  But, at what cost? 

It has been a week today that he has been lost in his own world.  It happened so fast.  He has not come out of it.  I don't believe he ever will.

That's it, folks, he's gone.  I know it now.  I have to accept it.  I hope God still speaks to him.  I hope he still speaks to God.  I hope he understands God.

I don't want to see him suffer like he is.  I want God to take him Home. 


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  1. Sunney Sue,

    I've been sitting here for fifteen minutes trying to think of something to write, and I cannot find any words. There are just no words other than I am very sorry.