Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Monday, May 6, 2013


We have had a rough weekend.  Husband started this spiral late Thursday night.  It has been non stop craziness since.  I have been so irritated with everything from A to Z.  I still haven't had time to properly mourn Jane.  I'll get that opportunity on Wednesday, when I attend her funeral, I guess.

Saturday is my usual house cleaning.  Everything I tried to do Saturday was interrupted by either husband or the dog.  So, so frustrating.  I got it done, but, what a day.

Yesterday was better, but, the irritation I feel is still there.

I am on Facebook, mainly to see what family and friends are doing.  I rarely comment because no one wants to read what I really have to say.

It seems like every other post lately is about how Cancer sucks or how to kick butt with Autism.  I often wonder what they would say or how they would react if I posted something like this:

"Yeah, well, how about Alzheimer's?  Ever wonder what THAT'S like?  Just because there is no cure doesn't mean it shouldn't deserve a post or two about this journey into hell.  Here's to the Alzheimer patient and oh yes, what about the survivors?" 

While Cancer is awful and so many people lose their battle with it, at least, for the most part, it can be treated.  With Autism, there is no death sentence.  Those suffering do have challenges, yes, but, they can live a full productive life.

Alzheimer's on the other hand, has got to be one of the most destructive diseases known to man.  I know, I speak from experience. 

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and having your husband or spouse look at you and ask "Who are you?"

Imagine changing your spouse's diaper?  Anyone want that job?

Imagine guiding your spouse to the bathroom when he has forgotten where it is, when in reality, it is two feet from the bedroom door?

Imagine watching your spouse attempting to eat.  It's like looking at a 1 yr old shoving food into their mouths.

Imagine listening to your spouse attempt to talk.  Sounds like he has had waaaay too much to drink.

Imagine bathing your spouse.  A grown adult that splashes around in the tub like a baby.

Imagine, after bathing said spouse, you hand him his toothbrush and he says, "What's this"?

Imagine dressing spouse, with legs that are not only stiff as boards but are also like heavy leaden.

Imagine spouse asking the same questions throughout the day, only to ask again and again.

Yes, Cancer sucks.  It can be devastating.  Autism strikes innocent little children.  The parents who struggle with their children.

Then, imagine Alzheimer's.

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