Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Life Lessons

Husband has been very quiet.  He didn't speak much yesterday.  He did, however, tell me about the baby that was born in my living room yesterday morning. 

He said he closed his eyes real tight when the baby came out.  I asked him if the baby cried.  He giggled and smiled, then said, "No."  I didn't bring it up again.

Kristen called in the morning.  I told her about this sudden decline and the hallucinations.  She wanted to talk to him.  I put the phone on speaker, as he doesn't at times, know what to do with a phone.  I heard her say, "Have you been behaving, Daddy?"  He would giggle and say he had been good.  She said that she was going to come for a visit today, on her day off.  He loved that.  I love that too.

He told her about the baby being born.  She is so good, all she said was, "How cool."   Then, he lowered his voice and said, "Mom doesn't believe a baby was born here, but, you and I know it happened, right?"  She, loving him so, said, "Yep".

For the rest of the day, he spoke very little. 

He came to me and said, "For my birthday, could you get me some clean clothes?"  I told him  he had clean clothes.  He didn't like that answer.

He has been obsessed with going to the bathroom.  With all this bathroom stuff, I had to change his diapers 3 times yesterday.  Usually, I put clean ones on him in the morning, lasting through the next day.  Not anymore.

After dinner and dishes last night, he told me "the man" had peed all over him and I needed to give him a shower.  He was soaking wet from the waist down.  I got out his adult wipes and wiped him down, putting a fresh diaper on him.  I also put baby powder on him, making him smell clean.  As I did so, he sighed and said, "Oh, that feels good."

Some folks never get to experience something like this.  For some reason, God wants me to experience this.  I'm no saint.  I've never won a Pulitzer Prize, Academy Award, nor am I a household name.  

I am just an ordinary woman, wife and mother.   I have become more aware of things some people would never have even thought of. 

Ah, life and it's many challenges.   Lessons?  Been there, done that.  Still doing that.  They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Anybody got a car they would like lifted?  Home?

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