Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Saturday, June 16, 2012

1+1=2. I can count, yay!!!

I had to pay Jack's tuition for summer school yesterday.  Being that Jack takes the car (saves gas),  there was no other option for me but to walk.

And walk I did.  I loved it.  I had to go to the Educators Credit Union where the school district has their account.  I decided to go early enough before it got too hot.

Let me tell you, once I got to the bank, it felt so good to walk into an air conditioned place.  The bank was crowded, the usual Friday crowd, but, I wanted them to take their time as the coolness of that bank felt so good to me.  Wanted to stay all day.

My turn came.  The total was $56.25.  I gave the teller $60.00 cash.  It had to be cash or money order.  Their rules.  The teller handed me $3.25 back.  I looked at the change and said, "Excuse me, you still owe me .50cents."  She looked at me as if to say, "Poor old lady", (I'm not THAT old) and said, "No, the total was $56.25, and, I even did it on the calculator in the computer and I DID give you the proper change."  I took a deep breath and once again told her she had made a mistake, that the change from $60.00 should be $3.75, not $3.25.  "Do the math", I told her, beginning to get a little miffed by the way she was treating me.  As if I was the idiot.  It took 3 (can you believe it?) times explaining to her what the correct change should be.

Finally, either a light bulb went off or she decided to wake up and realize she was at work.  She gave me the additional .50 cents.

Feeling superior and maybe even wanting to get a little even at this young girl who thought she knew how to count, I said to her, "I will need a receipt for this with my son's name on it and please, make sure you apply this money to the proper student, I certainly don't want any mistakes and my son being dropped from summer school."  She gave me a dirty look and I just smiled sweetly back at her.  I did want to add, "Also, because you work at a bank and cannot count, I may have to show you how to properly apply these monies to the account."

Handing me the receipt, I continued to stand at her window and read the entire receipt she handed me.  Just wanted to rub it in a little more.  Once I was satisfied, I gave my thanks to her and left.  She, being red faced and perhaps feeling a little stupid ( certainly hope so, being the way she treated me) told me to have a nice day.  ""I shall,"  I smiled sweetly.

I know, I know, why squabble over .50 cents?  First of all, it was MY .50 cents and her attitude, that's why.

Scary to think she actually cashes checks, makes deposits and balances at the end of the day?

Sure glad I don't bank there.


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  1. I understand your frustration ...and reading this ...hahah it makes me think of ME ...exactly how I would have handled the situation! Great minds think alike!