Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 2

Man, it's hot here.  Seems the older I get, the more I can't handle the heat.  I hope these high temperatures go down some.  It's never been this hot so early in June.  I like to walk in the morning.  Now, I make sure it's done earlier since it tends to heat up fast.  Fall, where are you?

With the summer season in full swing, there's not much on TV at night now.  Big Brother starts in about 3 weeks.  Not only do I watch the regular weekly shows, but, every night on Showtime (during the run of Big Brother) they go live inside the house for 3 hours.  It's called Big Brother After Dark.  Don't hate on me.  I love that show.

Storage Wars began a new season Tuesday night.  Hooked on that show.  A friend from church goes to auctions at storage facilities.  He has a partner, and together they bid on these units.  He says they do pretty good at finding stuff.  One of these days, I would love to go to one, and, if possible, bid on something.  So curious about what would be inside.  Of course, you've got to know what to look for.  My luck?  I'd throw away something that was worth millions.

During the day I don't watch much TV.  The only thing I like to watch is In Session.  They have some really good trials.  Of course, if it's boring I don't watch it.  If it's a good one, I set to record and watch back in the afternoon.  Sounds like there's a good one starting Monday.  Some of these trials can be so interesting.  

There is a christian thrift store I'd like to go to tomorrow.  Want to check it out.  I hear that this weekend is 30% off and they're cheap to begin with.  All I'm looking for is pictures with glass in them for my stained glass painting.  I'll try to sneak away alone.

Want to get that pool key this weekend also.  Been trying to get a hold of the lady that handles them, so far no luck.  Hope she's not on vacation.  

Folks, I'm trying to allow you a chance to get to know the real me.  When I read what I just posted, I'm actually sounding a little boring.  Trust me, I'm not, but sure looks like it on "paper".  Hey, I'm learning all about me too!!

(Day 2:  No mention of the A word.  Another yay for me.  No, let's do a hip hip hooray!!)

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