Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A day in my life (sort of)

I don't have really much of anything to post today. so, I'll just start typing and see if something comes to me.

After yesterday's post, I had a very disturbing dream about husband.  I won't go into it, it was that disturbing.

I have yet to finish my laundry.

Jack started summer school today.  He was short credits.  He will get his Diploma in August.

I went to the store last night at 11:00.  It was still hot.

I put up my hummingbird feeder last Friday.  So far, I've seen 1 hummingbird.  Only 1.

Daytime TV is not good right now.  My In Session promised to televise an interesting trial starting this past Monday.  Only another trial has taken it's place.  No cameras are allowed in the courtroom, so all we have to go on is people talking about it.  Boring.

I need new living room furniture.

I also need money to purchase living room furniture.

I have a dream about going to the grocery store.  I would love to go and buy what I want instead of what I can afford.

Husband said he had a sweet tooth.  I made a chocolate cake for him after dinner last night.  It made him happy.

I want to get away for the weekend.  Any weekend.  Even going camping sounds good to me.  Just away from the city.

I look at our fireplace and get hot.  It's been that hot here.

Bessie, the big dog is shedding hair everywhere.  I vacuum daily now.

Husband has me check to make sure he has put his belt on properly every morning now.

We have fires dancing all around us.  Air quality not that good.

I love to sit outside in the early morning and drink my espresso out there.  So quiet, so peaceful.

Only, I wish more hummingbirds would come to my feeder.

(Ha, Ha, gotcha, not one sentence contained the A word!!)

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