Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Friday, June 15, 2012

The A word reappears

A rather boring week if you ask me.  Oh, I'm busy, but am finding myself restless.  Everything seems boring to me.  I think we are in a transition period.  As in Alzheimer's.

Husband has been in and out of a stupor lately.  He has no concept of time, days or even what month it is.  He is also angry at me a lot of the time.

Father's day is Sunday.  I have no plans.  Of course, I will make him a good dinner, but, don't know what the older kids have planned for him.

Jack actually likes summer school.  Says it OK.  The only downfall to this is, he has to drive across town, on one of the busiest streets.  It's the alternative to any freeways here.  Actually, I'd rather drive the freeways here, in rush hour traffic than take this certain road, it's that bad.  I say a prayer every morning for him.

A friend stopped by last night.  She hasn't seen husband in so long.  He came out of the bedroom in is underwear.  I couldn't believe it.  She looked stunned at first, then just smiled and asked him how he was doing.   When she was leaving she told husband to behave.  He just smiled, that vacant, haunting smile he does when he is his his own world.

I hate it all.  Hate is such a strong word.  Like Lucifer, the Devil.  What a terrible name, Lucifer.

What a terrible name, Alzheimer's.

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