Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Friday, September 28, 2012

A new beginning for me?

Thank you for your comments and suggestions on what to install on the front door.  I am going to look into door chimes.

Yesterday was quiet.  I ran an errand and took husband with me.  He loves to ride with me.  As we were driving, he was looking all around at the city, traffic and the sky.  He mentioned the weather at how pleasant it was.

He rested in the afternoon.  There was no sleeping, just resting.  I made a simple dinner.

I got a card for Jack.  I told husband it was from him and needed him to sign it.  I had sent one to Jack last week, but, signed it from Mom.  Husband was excited that he was to send one from him only.

It was a funny card, and, together, we got out some pictures to send along with the card.  We chose some cute pictures, I wrote in the card and told husband to sign it.  Of course, he did not know where to sign, so I had to guide his hand to the bottom of the card.  He did not know how to spell Love, so he spelled it Louve.  I had to tell him how to spell You.  It was simple, Love You Dad.  Took him awhile, but, he did it.

I had to explain to him how the US mail worked.  He was amazed that I would put this in a mail box and it would magically appear to Jack.  He kept saying how neat that was.  Later in the afternoon, he was asking me again how Jack would get the card.  Once he was satisfied that somehow, someway, Jack would get this card, he was quiet, resting on the bed and looking at the ceiling, still, with this look of wonderment on his face.

I had to leave the room.  "He doesn't even understand the US mail anymore?  It's like it was just developed recently?  He thinks it's magic?  He thinks I'm an Einstein, knowing how the mail system works?"  Oh yes, it brought me to my knees.

I knew once Jack left, husband would go downhill.  It's like he held it together for Jack, but, once he was gone, he has stopped fighting.  You can see it.  This decline has been more rapid than say, the last 6 months.

What am I doing with my days now that the children are gone and husband is sleeping?  Well, I am taking this blog to a new level and writing a book.  I have a story to tell.  It's the story of my life, my journey, what brought me here, what I have been through, what I am going through now.

My hope is that I will be able to reach other people traveling this road to madness.

This Blog will still be here.  You will still get a daily glimpse of my life.  But, one day, as you are passing the book isle at the store and 4th Pew on the Left  is there on the shelf,  you can say to yourself, "Hey, I read her Blog!!!"

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  1. From the very first time I read your blog, your writing and honesty and braveness and faith? They steal. my. breath. I have been waiting for this announcement...