Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Yesterday was better than the day before.  Only because husband slept most of the day.  I let him sleep.  He has not been sleeping well at night anyway, figured he was tired.

Husband asked me  last night whatever happened to his Shop Vac when we moved.  OK, let's go back a little.

When we moved into this house, husband said to leave the Shop Vac at the old place.  Said he had no use for it anymore.  We have no garage here, only a carport and storage.  I did what he asked, told the old landlord we had left it and that was that.

Last week, he asked me about the Shop Vac.  He was looking through all the closets in the house and had been out to the storage in the carport.  I told him we had left it at the old place, per his request.  A few days later he told me, "How could you have left the Shop Vac?  I may need it one day."

So, last night, after dinner, dishes and feeding the dogs,  I did the usual, changed into my PJ's and closed the front door.  Our front door is at the front of the house, along with the master bedroom.  The living room is at the back part of the house.  I don't like the idea of having the front door open when I am so far away from it.  Also, I have a fear of husband getting out without my knowing it and perhaps wandering away.

I was involved in my TV shows (Survivor and The X Factor).  Husband appeared out of nowhere, scaring the you know what out of me and asked me what happened to his Shop Vac.

(Insert big sigh here.)

I explained again to him what we did with the Shop Vac.  I also told him to quit asking about it, it's gone, we don't need it anyway, drop it.

He seemed satisfied with that.  Off he went to bed and to sleep.

As I was going to bed later, the front door was wide open.  I was confused.  I know I closed the door hours earlier.  Husband woke up as I came into the room.  I asked him about the front door.  He said, "Oh, I was outside looking for the Shop Vac."

So, the wanderings have begun.  Lovely.  I knew it would eventually happen, but, like everything else that comes along with this disease, I was not ready for that.

I don't know what I'm supposed to do about this.  And, what's scary is, I never even heard him go out.  How did he leave?  Did he use the walker?  Or, worse, did he attempt to walk on his own?

Now what?


  1. Put lots of bells on the door. Do you have a security system, I am guessing not. It will beep if someone opens the door. Maybe, just thinking, you could get one considering his condition and sopmeone would pay for it. My Dad did this alot. It is scary.

  2. My mother-in-law is caring for her mom who has been known to wander. We installed baby door knob covers on the doors leading outside (like these: ).
    You can also buy these door chimes/alarms- we used these in our old home that didn't havce an alarm system ( )

    I am keeping your family in my prayers.