Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Deck the halls!!

Tish and I went to another Costco nearer my apartment yesterday.  It may have been closer, but, to get there, you had to take surface streets versus straight freeway to the other one.  I decided I will go the freeway route to the farthest one next time.

While we were driving back to my apartment, she asked me, "Do you see yourself staying here forever?"  Without hesitation, I said, "I do."   While I'm not "in love" with the Springs, it is growing on me and the more I venture out, the more I like it.  I certainly don't want to move anytime soon.  I'm still trying to recover from this one.

Husband has adjusted well.  I'm surprised.  He has his little moments when he slips into his own world, but, mood wise, he's been great.

He can't see well at all anymore.  Yesterday morning, I was attaching the leash on the dog.  Husband was to the side of me.  He started making clucking sounds.  I looked up and he was staring into space, making noises like he was calling the dog to him.  It was as if the dog was right in front of him, when in reality, the dog was to the side of him.  A little unsettling for me.

I took the dog out in the afternoon.  A few minutes after I got back in, husband asked me which dog did I take out to go pee.  Now, we only have one dog.  When I told him we have only one dog, he looked into thin air and smiled, as if he knew a secret.

I was in the kitchen and as I came out, he said, "I'm a little stinky."  He had dirtied his diaper.  As I was cleaning him up he said, "I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to poop my pants."  I had nothing to say, as he's right.  He doesn't mean to do it.  On the other hand, it's not so pleasant for me.  Changing a grown man's diaper?  Not so fun.

Husband's eating has picked up a bit since we moved here.  Must be all that fresh air.  I now have to cut everything up for him because he can't see well enough and his hands have tremors all the time.  He makes a real mess on the table.

All in all, I am finding a routine here.  I keep busy, tending to husband and keeping my apartment clean.  It's nice here. 

I saw at Costco yesterday the Christmas decorations.  Just seeing them made me want to decorate.  I haven't had any desire in the past 3 years to do any decorating. 

This year will be different.

Different is so many other ways.

But, decorate I will!!

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