Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I wonder.....

I'm feeling much better today.  After I posted, I decided to let this anger run through me and to just deal with it.  By early afternoon, the anger was gone.  Whew, that was a rough one.

I called father in law.  We had a nice talk.  I actually enjoy our talks now.  He's really a wonderful man.  He told me his misses us a lot.  But, as he says, as long as husband is happy, that's all he cares about.

Speaking of husband, he is holding steady.   As I was bathing him yesterday morning, he said, "Isn't it funny?  "He" uses the same washcloth you are using right now," and giggled while he said it.  I was confused.  I said, "Who?"  He smiles real big and says, "The man."

So, "the man" is still here.  Now, I could've let this rattle me, but, being that "the man" has been with us for several months now, I let husband have his giggle time.

I said, "Well, does it bother you that "he" uses the same washcloth?"  Husband closed his eyes and said, "Nope."

So be it.  Leave that one alone.

Could it be that husband has a split personality now?  I wonder.  This disease is so strange.  Husband is following the pattern, but, at times, even the Dr's are perplexed at how his mind is working, or, not working.  He's a case study, that's for sure.

I believe Fall has officially arrived in Colorado.  Today is very cool, with rain expected the rest of the week.  I can't wait to look out my windows and see the leaves turning color.  They say that the Fall here is breathtaking.

Today, we will spend quietly.  I have no plans to go anywhere and want nothing better to do than relax.  It's been a whirlwind month. 

We go to Denver on the 25th of this month to the new Neurologist.  He heads the Neurological unit at the University of Colorado.  According to Dr A, he's one of the best.  I wonder what he will think of husband.  Will he, as Dr A did so many times, look at husband and scratch his head?

Or, will he say in a matter of fact way, "Well, ma'am, it's the nature of the beast".

I wonder.....

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  1. Is Manitou Springs where the pic of your hubby (on the top of your blog) was taken? I seem to remember you mentioning it before. Did you two used to camp at Manitou Springs?