Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The rain, the rain, my God, the rain!!

I think we are beginning to dry out.  Northern part of Colorado, not so lucky.  On the local news last night there was a lady looking for her 81 yr old dad.  He's still missing.  My heart hurt for her and the rest of the people still looking for family and friends.

Ah, Colorado, such a beautiful state, but, oh, how Mother Nature can turn.

I did go to Tish's house and do my laundry yesterday.  The roads were OK, soaking, saturated, but OK.  We made a quick trip to Target as it was time for me to get new PJ's.  As we drove there, we saw the creek beds and rivers that have been on the news.  They were still roaring and moving fast.  Scary.

I woke up to partially clear skies and very chilly.  The wood I bought for the fireplace is still on my patio, a little wet, but I may have a fire tonight.  Before the rains came, I had asked Tish to cover the wood with some heavy duty plastic I had.  Thankfully she did and the rains hit that night.

Husband has been confused about all this rain.  For some reason, he doesn't understand rain anymore.  He wanted to know all about it, asking me many questions about how the rain causes so much damage.  So, there I was, getting a little nervous on day 3 of constant rain, explaining rain to husband, all the while, looking out my living room windows thinking, "Stop already."

The big decline has not hit yet, but, I'm waiting.  A few little hallucinations here and there.  Mostly very early in the morning.  He has been very grouchy.  Snapping at me during the day.  I ignore it and go about my day. 

I was cooking dinner last night when husband called me into the bathroom.  When I went in there, he was sitting on the toilet, holding his wallet.  He asked me to count his money.  My first thought was,, "Why did you bring your wallet to the bathroom," but, then again, he has Alzheimer's, it's silly to ask him why.

I counted the money, and put it back in his wallet.  He seemed satisfied.  Told him dinner was almost ready and it was time for him to come up to the table.

Took dinner out of the oven and went to check on husband.  I found him in the same place, sitting on the toilet, his money spread out on his legs and sink.


Oh, Alzheimer's.  You have tested me beyond and continue to do so.  How I hate this.

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  1. My dad always had a thing about his wallet and money. We would give him extras with a few one dollar bills in them. he loved that.
    The rain and floods are dangerous. Don't go near them. Sorry don't mean to mother you but I am telling my daughter the same. She lives close to Boulder. Be careful.