Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fly me to the moon

Not much to report. Had a good day yesterday. Tish & baby Alex spent the day with us. The airlines sent Alex's car seat to Los Angeles, so I had to take her to pick it up at the airport once it arrived here. As I watched planes land & take off, the urge to fly somewhere overwhelmed me. Anywhere. How nice it would be to get on a plane and fly into the wild blue yonder. Relax. Forget about diseases. Sleep uninterrupted. No repeating myself over & over. Quiet. Oh well, at least I got to escape in my own head, for a few minutes.

Husband enjoyed visiting with Tish, and, we were all entertained by Alex. What a character. Love that boy!

Husband can no longer pronounce some words, so, he had a hard time communicating to Tish. She just goes along with it, never showing she doesn't understand him anymore. Actually, all the kids never show him they don't understand him anymore. I understand him, but, I'm with him all the time. He was trying to tell Tish about homeless people, but could not say homeless. It was pititful. She took it all in stride.

Tremors abound, daily, during all waking hours. Seizures have not been bad at night for at least 5 nights now. Choking continues in his sleep. In fact, that's what kept me up last night. I got him some big pillows, to keep his head higher, but, he slips down flat.

Still no word from Dr on the genetics testing. I have not called about home help yet. Will wait until after spring break, things calm down here a bit, then, check into it.

I have adult diapers for husband now. They are put up in my closet. Will wait for the next accident and introduce them to him. No use in bringing them out now, when there have been no accidents. May suggest he use them when we go somewhere, just in an offhand manner. Like, it's an everyday thing.

More visiting today with Tish and Marie & Burt move into their new apartment today. Am happy for them. Burt got his old job back and Marie is actively looking.

I'm not sad today. I just realized that. Yay for me. Don't have too many of those feelings, so, bear with me, OK?

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