Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Friday, March 2, 2012

Oy Vey

I was so tired tonight, I went to bed at 9. It's now almost midnight and I'm still awake. Can't sleep, thinking of tomorrow and moving. I am so tired, my body feels as if it will give out, but I still can't sleep. Oh, how I envy the people in my house. They are all warm in their beds, sound asleep. Me? Wide awake. Absolutely exhausted and wide awake!!!

It's been a bad day. Everything that could go wrong, did. And, the weather decided to turn nasty. It's sub zero temperatures with high winds. Lovely weekend to move, right? As we were leaving the new house tonight, I had to stop for gas. As I was paying at the pump, my hands were so cold, they wouldn't work right and I had put in my pin number 3 times before I got it right. Miserable. As I got back in the car, husband said, "What took so long?" Jack, knowing the bad day I had and the mood I was in, said, "DAD". In other words, LEAVE HER ALONE!! All was quiet as we drove home.

Patrick took the TV's to the new house this afternoon. They are flat screen TV's, (bought when we had money, back in the good ole' days). Didn't want anything to happen to them.

Husband has not been good today. He is so confused I sometimes feel guilty moving him and taking him away from what he knows. He loves the new place, it's just that he knows what walls to hold onto when he is attempting to walk in this house. The new house has big, wide hallways, and when he DOESN'T use his walker, well, he will be in trouble. Also, there are two ways to get into the kitchen and living room. He's gonna get lost, I just know it. I caught him wandering the house tonight. I asked him what he was doing and he replied, "I'm trying to memorize the new place". Crap. Why did you have to go and say that?

The dogs are totally confused. They kept looking at me tonight with a serious look in their eyes. I told them (yes, I talk to my dogs) that we were giving them a new house with a new backyard. I told ole' Bessie that squirrels will no longer walk the back wall and taunt her. Both of them looked at me as if they understood. I also warned them that the new house has beautiful tile floors except in the bedrooms, and, if they want to run through the house, they better be prepared to slam into a wall. I swear they understood me because they looked sad after that.

I should try and lie down so I will end this post. If things go smooth tomorrow, I will have cable and internet. But if it's anything like today, well...............Let's just say I will post when the internet is up, OK?

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  1. Hang in there. When this move is over you will feel like alot has mved off your shoulders......well at least some. One of the biggest stresses in life is moving.....Right up there with the serious stuff. SOunds like your hubby is doing okay so far. I thought he'd really be confused. Maybe he needs a fresh start as well. Glad that you have your son and those dogs to talk to. I talk to my too.