Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mommy's Day Out

I got an afternoon off yesterday!! Tish picked me up and we went to an Asian food store, looked around, then went to one of her good friend's house to visit. While there, Tammy (her friend) and Tammy's mom offered me a very nice bath seat for husband to use. Funny, I have been thinking of getting one for him, can cross that off my list. They also told me where I could go to get him a wheelchair.

I felt so refreshed when I got home. Relaxed. Made a nice dinner, sailed through cleaning up kitchen after dinner. Whew, did not realize how much I needed that.

Husband is not doing well. He is confused and angry again. All directed at me. Another symptom is this unrelenting selfishness. It's a constant, daily thorn in my side. I honestly think that is what bothers me the most. Everything is about him. No one else matters to him. I read not too long ago about this symptom, thought, yeah, that's him, but, it is getting worse.

He too needs a day out, but, I have been letting Jack take the car to school each day, so, we stay home. Next week I am planning on keeping the car, taking him somewhere, anywhere. If we go to his Dad's house, all we will do is sit and listen to his Dad talk, talk and more talk. I want to take him somewhere where there is action, kind of get his mind busy. Am thinking long and hard about this one. He sure needs some sort of stimulation.

Tish, Jace and the kids leave today. Heading back to Arizona. I don't realize how much I miss her until she leaves again. We had such a lovely afternoon yesterday. Just the two of us. She said she was sad to go, leaving me and what I deal with on a daily basis. She told me that her heart hurts knowing what we are going through. What a good girl I have. Such love and compassion in her.

Jack has left for school, husband is still asleep, Kristen is at work. Just me and the dogs right now. I don't know how husband will be when he wakes up. He certainly was not good when he fell asleep last night. He also had a rough night of sleeping. Seizure activity has resumed at night.

It makes me nervous when husband sleeps all day. It also makes me nervous when he is awake and agitated.

Guess I have to pick my poison, yes?

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