Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Let's play pretend today!!

Introducing adult diapers to husband yesterday did not go well.  I eased into it while he was eating breakfast.  I did not call them adult diapers, I said they were protective pads, as that is actually the name on the package.  Husband became quite angry and said he would never, ever wear diapers.  I explained to him that it was just for protection and if out somewhere, if there was an accident, it wouldn't show through.  Nothing I said worked.  I opened the package and showed him how they fit, comfortable and soft and how they would protect him.  It was a no go.

He finished his breakfast and went to bed for the whole day.  He would not talk to me.  He would not acknowledge me if I walked into the room.

End of Day 1 of introducing protective pads.

It's like everything else I've had to get him to use.  First, it was the cane.  He fought me on that, said he could walk just fine.  Then, using the walker.  That was a real fight.  Next, graduating to the wheelchair.  That was a biggie.  Now this.  It's going to be a challenge for me.  A big one.  I am going to leave this one alone for awhile.  After his reaction yesterday, I may have to let him have accidents while out and about, for him to make up his mind that he, in fact, does need to wear these protective pads.

Like I've said so many times before, I fly by the seat of my pants here, folks.

I don't know what today will be like.  He did say good morning to me as I got up this morning.  He may, in fact, have forgotten yesterday for all I know.  Actually, I hope so.  Once again, perks of Alzheimer's.

Husband has been very restless during the night.  Every time I woke up last night, he was in the bathroom.  A little spooky.

I have not heard from Jack in 2 weeks.  I am sure everything is OK, he may be so busy, what with them winding down Basic Training, getting ready for graduation.  I would love to hear from him.  I usually write him a long letter on Sunday, and try to send a card during the week.  I'd love to pick up the phone and have Jack on the other end say, "Hi Mom."

Today I will not mention protective pads.  I will go about my day, pretending nothing is wrong with husband. He likes it that way.  Other than a little problem with his legs, according to him, he's fine, just fine.

After yesterday, I think I will play pretend too.  Easier on me for sure.


  1. Did you get the pull up kind. My Dad was okay about them. First my Mom would put like a poise pad in his underwear. Not fun.
    Think of getting some help. You need and deserve a break.

  2. When is your son's graduation? Are you still planning on going to it?