Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Monday, October 1, 2012

The days of my life

Very low key weekend.  We hung around the house, I did deep cleaning on Saturday, did some grocery shopping, came home, fixed dinner, relaxed in front of the TV.

While I was at the store, Jack called.  Husband did not answer the phone the first time, but, he did pick up the phone the second time he called.  He got to talk to his son for a full 15 minutes.  He was in his element.  I was sorry I missed his call, but so glad that husband got to have time with is son without me hovering nearby.  They had a great talk.  Husband talked about it Saturday night and most of yesterday.  I had debated on taking husband with me, but, being that it was Saturday and Wal-Mart, well, you get the picture.

I am doing OK.  It is so quiet here, I can't get over it.  Many years ago, when the kids were all so little, I would dream of a clean and quiet house.  Well, it's happened and I don't quite know what to take of it.  I am going through an adjustment period, I'll get there, just takes time.

I did our usual laundry Saturday.  I haven't noticed how small it's gotten since Jack left.  1 load of whites/light colors, 1 load of dark colors, 1 small load of towels and 1 load of sheets.  I was done by 1:00 PM.  Now, that I can get used to any day of the week!!!  I actually looked for something to wash yesterday, thinking, "did I miss something?"

As far as Alzheimer's goes, it's there.  Something I can't ignore.  It's always there.  Husband did OK in the memory department this weekend.  Of course, I answered the same questions over and over, but, as far as his attitude, it was OK.  When I was putting away the clean laundry, he said, "Thank you for doing my laundry."  Had to pick my jaw up from the ground.  I've always heard, "Out of the mouth of babes," well, my new saying is, "Out of the mouth of an Alzheimer's patient."

As far as my book is going, well, it's going.  I did not do any writing this weekend.  I woke up this morning with an urge to write today.  During the writing of this book, so many memories have come into play, that, there are times I just don't want to "go there."  Today however, I am going to "go there."  Writing a book is not for the weak at heart, I'll tell ya.  It takes time and a lot of energy.  One would think sitting and typing is easy.  I'm here to tell you, not so.  Your mind has to be transported back, way back.  I am finding out you also have to have a good memory.  Luckily, my memory is intact.  All's well in that department.  Too good, if you ask me.  There are some things I'd like to forget, but, these are my memories.

Husband is still sleeping.  He will wake up soon enough.  I always hold my breath in anticipation of where we will be.  If he wakes up in a "near normal" state, then I know today will be OK.  If not, then, I brace myself for a trying day.  Lately, there have been more trying days than I'd like to count.

Let's all give a shout out to a "near normal" day!!!!

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