Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Monday, June 24, 2013

Hurry August!

Well, the kids are gone.  They left yesterday morning.  There's always a hole when they leave.  But, this time, not so bad.  We will follow them up to Colorado Springs in 6 weeks.

Husband was fine during their visit.  Well, as fine as he can be now.  He enjoyed their visit, I could tell, but, Tish was taken aback by his decline.  I warned them.  It's not so pretty here anymore.

After they had left, I was doing my laundry.  I handed the dog leash to him, as I had husband sitting outside.  Told him I was going to put the clothes in the dryer.  Came out of the laundry room, and, there, running through the parking lot, leash still attached to my him, was my dog, looking for me.

Got the dog, thinking the worst had happened to husband.  Ran up to our porch and there was husband, just sitting there, in a daze.  I asked husband if he was OK, he looked up at me with surprise, didn't know me and said nothing.  I took him and the dog inside and put husband to bed.  There, he slept for 3 hours.

Those kind of scares keeps me rattled for hours.  I kept thinking the worst of what could've happened.  Husband collapsing on the porch, my dog running out to the busy street possibly getting hit by a car. 

I recovered and made a mental note to not let husband be in charge of the dog anymore.

By evening, husband was beginning to hallucinate.  I tried to avoid it by talking to him, making him smile.  It was no use.  It went downhill from there.

I was worn out by 11 PM.  Put him in bed for the 4th or 5th time, (I lost count) and he finally, finally, fell asleep.  I braced myself for a rough night.  It never came.  He slept all night long.

I don't know how he'll be this morning.  You just never know.  It's his bath day and he loves his bath.  Just like a baby. 

As the kids were leaving, Jace leaned down to husband and said, "We'll see you in August.  It's going to be OK up there.  We'll have a good life."

Oh, hurry, August! 

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