Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lost dog?

Well, Tish & Jace didn't make it here yesterday as planned.  Seems Jace's truck was over the weight limit, so, they had to dump some stuff.  He had some bricks he wanted to use as landscape in their new house in Colorado.  Got rid of them and had a late start.  Tish said they would try to make it in, but, were so tired, they decided to stop for the night near Hatch, New Mexico.  They will be here this morning.

We had an uneventful day yesterday.  Husband was in his own world, but, no hallucinations.  I took him outside in the afternoon where we sat for about 3 hours.  He enjoyed it.

I had planned a nice dinner for the kids.  I cooked it anyway and husband loved it.  He doesn't eat much anymore, but loved my roasted chicken.  I also made, for the first time, angel hair pasta with fresh pesto sauce.  It was delicious.  Going to do that more often.  Alongside of the chicken and pasta, I had organic baby peas.  Delish!  Tish said she can't wait to eat the leftovers.  She loves her mama's cooking!

Once I got husband settled in bed, I kept watching him as I sat out in the living room.  He did not go to sleep, he kept moving around.  When I went to bed, he was still awake.  I found out why he was fidgeting so much.  He had taken the remote for his bed and was pressing all the buttons on it.  It really was funny.  His legs were drawn way up and he was sitting up so much, I thought he might just topple out of bed.

I had a good laugh about that.  I lowered the legs, lowered his back so a slight incline.  Told him to stop playing with the buttons on his remote.  He pouted a bit, but, I squeezed his nose, making a joke about it.

Got in bed, all the while, praying he wouldn't have that awful breathing, and closed my eyes.  Just as I was dozing off, husband began to tell me that our dog was lost.  Oh no, I though, here we go again.

It took me about 15 minutes to get him calmed down and convinced that the dog was on my bed, safe and sound.

We both slept the entire night.  Yay.

Husband just woke up and is not in a good frame of mind.  Is lost and confused. 

And so, my day has begun.

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