Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A change is a comin'

Sorry, took some time to gather my thoughts.

Husband has been so so.  Still not with reality, but, just so so.

I always said that our move to Colorado would come when it was the right place to live, the right time to move and the money would not be an issue.

Well, what do you know, the right place has come to pass, it couldn't be a better time to move and the money issue has been resolved.  All in practically, one day.

So, tentatively planned, we will be leaving here on the 17th of August.  I am still waiting for an approval from the apartment, but, God Willing, that will come today.  Some apartment complexes up there are picky about their tenants.  Some require you have a job.  Hopefully, this isn't one of them.

The apartment is nice.  Small, but nice.  Tish happened to stumble on it and went in and talked with one of the leasing consultants.  I did the application online Sunday night and am waiting for approval.  How ironic is it that just the week before, I got an email from the same complex offering me a unit, but, my move had been put on hold, so I ignored the email.

My car will need to be serviced.  I called the dealership yesterday to see how much they would charge for everything that needs to be done. 

We're talking about tune up, oil change, transmission flush and all 4 tires need replacing.  They aren't in bad shape, but, still, peace of mind in knowing that I have brand new tires.  I hesitated in calling the dealership, because I know how they over charge.  I used to take the car in for maintenance, but, that was when I was working and money wasn't an issue.  So, I called and the girl in service did remember me.  She was surprised to hear from me and said she would get quotes and call me back.

When she did, I couldn't believe what they will charge me.  She gave me discounts everywhere she could.  It is so reasonable, I couldn't refuse.  I take the car in Friday and she said they would give me a loaner for the day, just in case it takes longer and I can't get the car until Saturday.

I am so thankful to the family member who has made all of this possible.  Humble and thankful.  She is so caring, compassionate, always saying, "I just want to help".  She is one heck of a woman.

Husband is so very excited to move to Colorado.  He told me it was his dying wish to live in Colorado. 

Everything is falling into place.  Now, I wait for approval on this new apartment. 

Prayers are being accepted at this time.