Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


And now, the real work starts.  Cable, phone, lights and gas, oh my.  But, it's all worth it.

When Tish went in to this new apartment complex, she told the leasing agent of husband's illness and mentioned the mirrored closet doors saga a few months back.  He said they would remove them and put plain doors on.  When he called me yesterday, he actually remembered and reassured me that this will be done.  He also mentioned that his grandma has Dementia and he knows just how an Alzheimer and/or Dementia patient reacts to some things.

When I told him that the office refused to even remove them, he said that was against the ADA(?) law.  When I go and tell them my good news here, I will seek this "Supervisor of Maintenance" out and let him know just how awful it was for husband with those mirrors and how Dr A had to put him on anti-psychotic meds.  Oh, yes, he will get an earful from me.

I want to have the last word on that.  My poor husband and what he had to endure with those mirrored closet doors.

Husband was sleeping when I got the call.  When he woke up, I told him and he hasn't stopped smiling.  Of course, he doesn't know anymore what's involved in moving, but, at least he's happy.

My family member made my husband so happy.  And, I am so humble.

Husband told me last night, "If I'm going to die, and I know I am, I'd rather die in Colorado."

He's getting his wish.

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  1. Seems to me that God is listening to prayers and also providing the way for your move to CO. I am glad for you, and for prayers answered, Sunney Sue.

    I definitely do not envy you the packing/move. I just this week moved from my house of 15 years to an apartment. All I can say is, thank you God for hot baths for these old muscles of mine. I hope you have LOTS of help!