Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Little miracles

On Friday nights, we go to a Bible Study. It's a great group of couples. At the end of our study, we write our name, number and prayer request on index cards, then pick from the basket. Each day, you are supposed to pray for that person and their prayer request. At the end of the week, you call that person to let them know you have been praying for them. It's a great way of holding someone else up in prayer.

This last Friday night, as I was doing mine, husband was holding his blank card in his hand. He cannot write anymore, so I do it for him. He tells me what to write. Sometimes it doesn't make sense, but, I don't want to put my own words on the card, so, I talk to him and finally he decides what his prayer request is. Of course, if I wrote on his card, using my own words, it would read something like this - "Please pray that I will be able to sell my truck, as I can no longer drive". Yep, that's what I would put on his card. Of course, I don't, it has to come from his heart.

When I finished mine, I took his blank card and said, "OK, what is your prayer request?" He looked blank for a minute, then said, "Pray for me as I am dealing with my "condition" and, be more understanding and grateful to my wife". Whoa. Caught me by surprise. My friend Jackie was sitting nearby and heard what he had said. I looked up at her and she just smiled. Never thought I'd hear that from husband.

Husband is coming around to accepting his disease. Don't get me wrong, he still fights it, but, saying it out loud from him was a big step. Little miracles, but, I'll take it.

Last night at church as we were singing, I just started to cry. I couldn't finish singing. I stood there and let the tears flow. Husband did something he has not done in 2 years. He took my hand in his and held it, ever so lightly. I looked up at him, he too had tears.

It was a moment, fleeting yes, but a moment. God is showing me He does love me and is there. God is showing me that husband is communicating with me, he's not gone all together. Somewhere, deep inside husband's brain, he's still there. God showed me that by a simple gesture.

My husband held my hand last night. Praise be to God.

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