Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New House? Check - New Job?

I envy people who go to bed, snuggle down on a cold, rainy night and go to sleep. Wake up refreshed, ready to start another day. My nights are not that way anymore.

Husband was restless last night. I woke up to find him wandering the bedroom, the bathroom. I finally spoke to him when he was hunched over near the clothes hamper. Told him to come back to bed. He mumbled something, but came back to bed.

Before I had fallen asleep earlier, husband had a few jerks, choked, then a big jerk. I laid there, waiting for him to breathe again. Once I heard him breathe, I fell asleep. Only to find him wandering a few hours later.

I noticed when I got up this morning that I have a heaviness in my head. Then, it dawned on me. I feel it all the time. Tried to remember when I didn't have this heaviness. Couldn't. Remember the days of getting up with a newborn? That sleep deprivation we have all felt? Yeah, it's like that.

Husband was very confused yesterday. When I was gone, we got the call that we had gotten the house I had been wanting. Unfortunately, they gave husband all the information. So, I had to call and leave a message for them to please call me with all the details. I had told him not to answer to phone, as he does not know what to do when someone calls, but, this time, he did. Later, last night, he started telling me about the details again, only this time it was totally different from earlier. So, now I'm wondering, did we get the house or not? Still waiting for them to call me back.

Going out into the working world felt good yesterday. As mentioned yesterday, I had to apply in person to two different companies. I felt comfortable at both locations. Imagining working there, filling out the applications. I did get one "on the spot" interview, told me they would be calling me for a 2nd interview. Will see. At the second place, the man I spoke with wanted me to be seen by the Office Manager, but, she was tied up, said they would call me.

I also got a few responses via email and phone from my Resume I had sent in online. One was, I had to fill out a questionaire, send it back to he HR department. That one sounds great, however, it's only part time, 21 hours per week. Well, that's 21 hours more than what I'm doing now.

The first place I went to, when I got the "on spot" interview, asked me why I have been out of work for so long. Here it comes, I thought. When I told her about husband, she didn't blink an eye, said she was impressed with my Resume. Could be a good thing, or a bad thing. Time will tell.

I feel peace about going back to work. I can really feel the power of the prayers. I know, deep down inside of me that there is a job for me. God's in control, let Him do His job.

So, my first day of easing into the working world was for me, a success. I sailed through the questions, felt at ease talking with potential employers and know that I did all I could.

Today is a new day. Only God knows what today will bring. My two prayer requests have been that #1 I find a house for us and #2 I get a job. Ok, got the house, One down, one to go.

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