Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A little this, a little that

Another one of those low key days. Husband continues to be out of sorts. Tries to talk, stops mid sentence, mumbles something, then will shuffle away. Asks the same questions all day long. He also seems sad. I've gotten him to laugh a few times, but, for the most part, just not the same anymore. Still wondering if it's the meds or the monster. Have to call the Dr in 2 weeks, will discuss then. Until that time, I continue to deal with what is at hand.

Sunday night was rough for husband. His whole body had tremors. Lasted much longer than the usual jerks. No choking, just the whole body would tremor, lasting for about 20 seconds each time. I sat up in bed, timing them. There would be about 40 seconds in between, then another would hit. This went on for about 1 1/2 hours. Either they stopped, or, I fell asleep. He was shaky yesterday. I don't know what this new development is. Take one day at a time, see how things go today, may have to call the Dr sooner?

Had to take Jack to Urgent Care yesterday. Thought he had Strep Throat. Luckily, it was negative, but he did have an infection. He is now on meds. Dr says no school until tomorrow. After taking his meds, he seemed to bounce back by last night. Keep him down today.

On the job hunt report, I got a reply to one company I had applied to. They were reviewing my Resume and would contact me within 2 weeks. And no, it wasn't for the Car Salesperson or the Delivery Driver or even for that fact, the office person needed to answer the phones. Actually, it was a Real Estate Company that needed a Leasing Representative. I have never done Real Estate, but the position did not call for experience. They were wanting someone with a background of working in the professional field and had some accounting, preferably, banking. I fit the bill. Whatever. At least I got a response from someone, anyone.

Not much else going on here. Rather boring. Aside from the trip I took to Urgent Care yesterday. Still waiting for my Letters of Recommendation from previous companies I worked for. Both sent me emails stating they would have them out to me by end of this week.

During one of husband's clear moments yesterday, I asked him if he was upset I was looking for a job. He looked at me and said, "I thought you already got a job?"

Yep, it's like that around here. Are we having fun yet? I looked at Jack when husband said that, and him being sick, just looked at me and we both started laughing. Not at husband, no, never, but, at our life now. Husband looked at us, smiling, then said, "What?"

Before this monster came into our lives, I never thought it possible to laugh in the face of such a grave matter. Laughing, I am learning, really does help. It's really good for the soul.

I shall laugh again today.

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  1. I remember the times that we laughed with my Dad when things were bad. A little laughter helps. (((((HUGS)))))