Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Another random post

This endless summer, yet, it is going by fast.  The heat has bothered me a lot.  I try not to go out in the middle of the day.  Mornings this week have been cool and refreshing.  A hint of Fall?

Every Fall, it's harvest season here.  The chili roasters are arriving at the farmer's markets and grocery stores.  Here, in New Mexico, it's how you buy your chili's.  You buy a big canvas bag of chili's, then, take it outside where they roast it for you.  The smell will get to you every time.  Love that smell.  I don't buy it that way anymore, but, I still park by the roasters, just to smell that smell and think back to days gone by.

When I leave New Mexico next June, and Fall comes to wherever I'm going, I will miss the chili roasters.

Husband had a decent day yesterday.  Didn't sleep much.  Wanted to go to the storage shed.  He spent a good deal of time out there, looking at his tools.  Just looking.

I checked on him and he seemed agitated.  So, I left him alone with his tools.

I have started doing stained glass painting again.  It keeps me busy and I love to see the end results.

Been staying up way too late at night and getting up way too early in the mornings.  This mental fatigue is the worst.  I do get sleepy around 2 in the afternoon, but, by 6 PM, I'm ready to go for another 6 hours.  Bad, bad habit.

I gave Jack an early birthday present:   money.  His birthday is next week.  Tyler is off on Wednesdays, so he and Jack took off for the gym and mall.  Jack got a nice pair of Doc Marten boots.  The two brothers had a great day.

Hard to believe that my baby is turning 18 .  He has turned out to be such a wonderful boy.  Oh, how I love that child.

I am having a BBQ on the 19th in honor of Kristen and Jack's birthday.  Kristen's was the 27th of July.  It's combination birthday and going away for Jack.  I don't have many get together's anymore,  mainly because of husband.  He does not do well around a lot of people.  At least, not anymore. Gets very confused.  Plus, you cannot have a conversation with him, so, you feel as if you're ignoring him.

My life in a nutshell.  As of today.

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