Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Update Alzheimer's

I've really been slacking in my posts lately.  Sorry.

Update on husband:

Continues to sleep most days and all night.  Dr said to cut some drugs in half to avoid the sleeping cycle.  Did no good.

When I first started reading and researching this disease 4 years ago, I, of course, went to the final stages first.  In the final stage, they do tend to sleep more and more.  The brain is shutting down, and cannot function on any sort of normal level anymore, so, it basically puts them to sleep.

Husband has a bedside lamp on his side of the bed.  I asked him Sunday night to turn the light off.  He looked at me and said, "I don't know how".

We had my homemade Posole Sunday for dinner.  It was delicious.  Husband said it was the best.  Later, I commented to him that that Posole was so good.  He said, "Oh, was it good?  Did you eat it?"

The legs are dragging now.  Attempt at any walking is labored, slow and painful to watch.

I got him a pair of slip on shoes.  Easier to put on for him.  He forgets how to tie his shoes.

Help him most days in getting dressed.

Forgets where his clothes are in his dresser and then tells me I need to do laundry as he has no clean clothes.

Does not know day of the week, date or time.  Asks throughout the day during wake periods.

Urge to urinate is most bothersome to him.  One of the other "Final Stage" signs.  Has accidents as well.

Slurs his words.  Hard to understand anymore.  Sounds like he's very, very drunk.

I woke up the other night to hear him talking to one of his "visitors".  Suddenly, while laying there, it dawned on me that when he talks to the "visitors", his speech is clear.  Strange?  God?  Angels?  You be the judge.

I think I've covered it all.  The decline last month was rapid and sudden.  Where he used to go into his own world but come out of it is no longer the case.

He's gone.  I am left with this shell of a husband that once was.  It's all gone now.

Jack leaves in 4 weeks.  He too will be gone.

Oh my.


  1. It will be hard when Jack leaves for sure. It is under any circumstances but more so for you. I seriously think it is time to get some help or look into a nursing home. You are going to be so worn out. You have done so well in caring for him. I think it is going to be so hard going through the final stages alone. I know that you don't want to do that.....but you need to think of yourself. You could still see him every day and as long as you waant. Maybe it isn't the right time yet but you need to plan ahead.
    Good luck with all of this. (((((HUGS))))


  2. I agree with Debby ...the time may have come to look for some outside help. You continue to do a remarkable job caring for your husband. But as his continues to decline ...the wear and tear on you will increase. I know the guilt associated with allowing others to help care for a loved one but again ...imagine how your husband may feel or what he may want ...would he want to you face alone ...all of this? I doubt it ...he would want you to love him and love yourself. Thinking of you all!