Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Monday, December 3, 2012


We see Dr A this morning.  Husband does not like going to see the Dr.  Can't blame him.  Every time he goes, Dr A gives him little tests, making husband uncomfortable.  He can't "pass" these little tests.

If I get a chance, I will ask Dr what stage are we in.  I have to know.

After the Dr's appointment, I take our application up to the new apartments.  I will know if we are approved some time this afternoon.  Pray!!

Yesterday, after church, as I was lifting the wheelchair back into the car, I got the bright idea to put it in the way Kristen does.  It fits better when she does it.  So, I lifted it up fast and the handles of the wheelchair came in contact with my mouth.  It hit so hard, it knocked me silly for a minute.  For a moment, I thought it had knocked a tooth loose.  That hurt.

I put my hands over my mouth and let out a small cry.  Husband heard me, asked what the matter was.  I told him.  He turned around to see me and got mad at me.  Said he would put the wheelchair in the car from now on. Really?

As I was lifting the wheelchair into the car, while my mouth was throbbing, husband was giving me a lecture. I had 3 seconds to wonder what would everyone think if I just walked away.  Away from this nightmare.  All of this.

I know why husband got mad.  He gets scared when I get sick or hurt because if something happens to me, who will take care of him?  It scares him.  But, he can't express that anymore, so, he shows his fear by getting angry.  I know that.  I get it.

As I got into the car, I felt like a little girl again, wanting to run to her mommy and have her make it all better.

Got home, put my big girl pants on and went about the afternoon.

Just another day in "Paradise".

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  1. Wondering what happened at the doctor, Sunney Sue.

    I hope you are doing ok.