Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Begin the Paranoia

I spoke too soon.  Husband took a dive Friday evening.  He's been on a downward spiral since.  Not angry, not scared, just not "there".  His face even took on another look.  He didn't really look like, well, him.

I've noticed that when he goes into his own world, or has delusions, his face changes.  It's very strange.  I can tell now, when this is starting to happen.  Once I recognize it's starting, I go into "awareness mode," and prepare myself for anything.

Yesterday, he worked on our closet all day long.  I'm talking hours.  I could tell he was delusional, but, let him have his space, hoping he would come out of it.  You could hear him talking to "the man", sometimes he was frustrated with "the man", other times, he was having conversations with "him".

He called me in the bedroom.  Asked me to show him how to get in the closet.  I showed him by stepping into the closet, but, he was having none of it.  Wanted me to go deeper into the closet.  I explained that there was a wall there, so, we couldn't go any further into the closet.  He asked me what was on the other side of the wall.  I told him, "Jay & Michelle's apartment."   He looked at me so confused.  He just couldn't get it.

When I was in the closet, he said, "Oh, no, don't go there."  I asked "why".  He said, "He" sleeps there, you're stepping where "he" sleeps."

Later in the afternoon, I noticed husband laying on the floor, at the closet with something in his hand.  I went in the bedroom and there he was, unscrewing the doors on the closet.  He said he was trying to get into the closet and this was his only way of getting in.  I calmly told him to put the screws back in and "do not do that again".  Yes, I said it firmly.  I could just imagine the doors falling on him. 

He did as he was told, put all the screws back in and decided to do something else.  Oy.

After dinner, he came out and asked if he had been asleep all day.  I told him no, he didn't nap at all.  He said he thought he had been asleep.  Asked me if I had been talking to him all day.  I said yes, I had spoken to him throughout the day. As he was asking me this, he was trying to sit down on a chair that wasn't there.  When I told him there wasn't a chair there, he looked around confused and found his scooter chair to sit on. 

He then began to tell me that there were "people" in this house that were trying to steal all of his things.  I got cold chills. 

I read a few years back about how some Alzheimer's patients become paranoid.  I was praying this would not be the case with husband. 

But, God in all His Glory, has decided I need a little more action in my life, I guess.  God knows what He's doing.  Just wish He'd give me a little "heads up".  He should know me by now.  I don't like these little surprises.

And so it begins.

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