Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Forecast: One of Those days

Yesterday was an OK day.  Foot still sore, but I am able to walk fairly well.  Husband was OK.  Bummed that it wasn't his birthday.  I don't know where this has all come from, but, it's like he thinks I postponed his birthday. 

On the bright side, yes, he does remember his birthday.  Or rather, the date.  But, he kept thinking it was May 23.

He has been quiet lately.  But, he does pout a lot.  That gets me every time.  Actually, it makes me mad.  I try to ignore it, but, when I do, he acts up more.  So, I have to get firm with him, making me stressed out.  After I get firm, he seems to calm down, somewhat. 

I don't like getting angry with him.  I try not to show it.  So, when I say I get firm with him, I try very hard not to show my actual anger. 

Take for instance, just a little while ago.

I dress him every morning.  For some reason, he woke up earlier than  usual.  The minute he saw me getting on my laptop to post here, he decides he wants to get dressed, now!  I told him to wait about 10 minutes, then I would get him dressed.

He gets out his clothes.  He puts his shirt on (backwards).  He gets out a pair of shorts (might not be warm enough).  He can't seem to put on his shorts.  Sighs and groans, loud enough for me to hear him.   He's wanting my attention.  I ask him to wait a few more minutes.  He is having none of it.

Now, I have to put down the laptop and go get him dressed.  He's suddenly fine, no frustration on his part.  But, by now, I am frustrated.  He then gets apologetic, but, you and I know he's not really.  He got his way and that's all that matters.

My days are like that.  Most, but not all days.  If I sit outside visiting with some neighbors, he gets pouty, even though I have asked him to come out. 

There are days, and, then there are days.  Today looks like its going to be one of those days.

All because it's not his birthday.  And, somehow, its all my fault. 

Today, I want to run away.  I just don't want to deal with it.  Yes, it's going to be a long day.  I can tell. 

So, excuse me, won't you, as I need to go get my big girl pants.  Put them on, button them up and get ready for my day.

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  1. He is just acting like a child and that's to be expected. But I am sure it does upset you. what a hard road you are on. I think you are a very patient person. I don't know how you do it. My mother got so mean with my father. she wasn't like you at all. I felt so bad for my father. Your husband is so lucky to have you.