Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ding, dong, "the man" is gone!!

Where do I begin? 

I can honestly say, yesterday was one of the worst days I've ever had.  I hope I never have one of those days again. 

What I didn't put on here yesterday, was, I had gone to the office, again asking them to remove the mirrored closet doors.  I told them, again, that husband was having hallucinations and delusions in regards to the mirrors.  They called me a little later and said they could order regular closet doors for me, but, I had to pay for them.  I was stunned.  So, I asked them if they could send maintenance to just remove them, store them, so husband could have some peace of mind.  They told me no.

Father in law was here at that time and he saw how upset I was.  He said he would at least help me cover them up.  It was not sitting well with me.  I couldn't believe they  could not just remove those damn mirrored doors.  I almost went back down to the office.  To explain that this wasn't funny, husband is sick, very sick and I wanted to tell them off.  Yes, I was that upset.

After father in law left, I tried to calm down.  Husband was still agitated.  I had nothing to do but wait for the Dr to call me back.  I was fuming mad.  I didn't want to let husband know just how upset I was, it would only make it worse for him.

While I was giving him a pedicure, I began to relax.  It also helped calm husband.  There I was, sitting on the floor, husband in the recliner, eyes closed while I gave him a good scrubbing.  Trimmed his toenails.  It is hard to do that because his legs have constant spasms, including his feet.  I could feel a spasm come on, his legs would become stiff, his foot would turn up.  Each time that happened, I would softly say, "Relax, honey."  It worked.  Not only did it help him, it helped me.

Afterwards, he went into the bedroom and became paranoid again that someone was breaking into our home.  I sat with him, riding out this storm.  I spoke softly to him, finally convincing him to lie down and rest.

I went into the kitchen to make a rather strong espresso.  As I was doing so, I began to cry.  The sobs were awful.  I couldn't hold it in any longer.  There, in my kitchen, I began to pray.  I asked God to help me.  I have never felt such fear and loneliness.  I hope to never feel that again.

I checked on husband.  He was on the bed, resting.  I stepped outside on my porch to get some fresh air.  One of the maintenance guys happened by.  He asked me what was wrong,  I guess you could see it on my face.  I told him about how the office will not remove the mirrored closet doors. 

He is one of the sweetest guys.  He has met husband and talked with him.  Once I got through telling him what the office had told me, he said, "Well, I'll tell you what.  I get off at 5.  I'll go home, change clothes and come back here and remove the doors for you.  I can't believe they wouldn't do that for you.  No one has to know."

Well, there was my answered prayer.

Once the doors were taken away, there was a lightness in our bedroom.  Husband began to smile.  He ate a good dinner.  He watched TV.  He didn't talk to "the man."

Later, I asked him if he saw" the man", or, if "the man" was still here.  He looked up at me and smiled, then said, "He's gone".

So, "the man" in the closet is gone.  Of course, I know it was just his reflection he was seeing, but, to him it was real.

Just when I thought all was lost, God led me outside.  And, how funny, one of the maintenance guys happened by, only to save husband from torture.

Yes, God is real.  God answers prayers.


  1. Oh, thank heavens!~
    I am so glad to hear your prayers were answered.

    ~ Becky

  2. Ahhh. Tears here. Such pain for you. And now, thanking God for your answers.

  3. Oh, how I wish I could have a talk with "the office" for you!!!! So thankful that God provided for your needs in the way He did. God bless the man who listened to your need and took action! Bless you, Sue.