Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Since husband was diagnosed, I have always had a fear that if anything happened to me, who would care for husband?

That fear became my reality yesterday morning.  I fell.  Hard.

We have had some freezing mornings.  Before this cold front, maintenance had turned on the sprinklers on our apartment grounds.  Well, the sprinklers came on, with some of the water getting on the ramp we have set up for husband.

To make a long story short, this water on the ramp froze and I slipped and fell.  My left leg went straight out, my right leg bent with me landing on the right leg.  My knee hurt yesterday and my right foot was hurting as well.

I stayed down as much as possible, soaking my foot in Epsom Salts, wrapping both knee and foot in ace bandages.

I was so afraid I would not be able to bend my knee when I woke up this morning.  I can happily report that my knee is much better today, however, my right foot is not.  I can barely walk.  It hurts.  

I'll see how it goes today.  Marie said she will come up and take care of the both of us.

Today is bath day.  I'll somehow manage to bathe husband.  Its also cleaning day.  Looks like Marie will be doing that.  Monday is laundry day.  I don't even want to think about that.

If it gets any worse, I'll go to the ER to get an x-ray.

After husband had gone to sleep, I sat out in the living room and thought, "Well, "it" happened.  Now, whatcha gonna do?"

My journey.  Oh, what a journey.  Maybe some day I can look back on this and have a good laugh.  Not today. 

Is God telling me to slow down, take it easy?

Hey, God, couldn't you just maybe whisper in my ear? 

Today will be spent foot elevated, praying for a good outcome.

Old Chinese proverb:  Never walk on frozen sprinkler water.

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  1. Well...
    I really have no idea what God is trying to tell you. But, I do know that sometimes He needs to slap me upside the head to get me to listen. But, like I said, I have no idea if that pertains to you or not!

    I am sorry to hear about your fall. Dang. I hate relying on other people to do stuff for me. But, there have been times when THAT has been a good lesson for me to learn too.

    I dunno, Sunney Sue. I am just glad you have family around you to help, and a faith that is steadfast. God will see to it that you will be OK.