Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Powerful Prayers

Talk about power of prayer.

My Marie came to the apartment yesterday to help me out.  My foot was hurting, a lot.  I could put no weight on it.  She wanted to take me to the ER, but, knowing it was Saturday, and it was UNM Hospital, I didn't feel like spending 18 hours there.

She cleaned my apartment.  Picked up a prescription for husband and got more Epsom Salts for me.  I am very picky about cleaning and usually don't like the idea of someone else cleaning my house.  Not so yesterday.  A stranger could've cleaned it and I wouldn't of given a hoot.  She brought me a book.

She left in the early afternoon, said she would be back to fix our dinner.  She gave me strict instructions to not get up and told husband to rest on the bed.

I started reading the book she brought me and fell asleep in my chair.  When I woke up about 1 1/2 hours later, the pain in my foot was gone.  I looked at my foot and noticed some bruises appearing at the bottom of my toes.  But, the pain was gone.

I got up and could walk better.  Marie came, fixed us dinner and with each passing minute, it got easier and easier for me to walk.

This morning, as I got up, my foot felt sore, but no pain.  My muscles in my leg are very sore.  I'll take sore over pain any day.

I'm OK.  I didn't break any bones, I know that now.  Whew.

So, my fear came true, but, I made it through.  My children rallied around me.  Prayers were said for me.  And, God answered those prayers.

Going to take it easy today. 

Husband has not been in a good place since my fall.   I think this scared him too.  He looked so helpless.  I have reassured him this morning I am doing better. 

So, if you prayed,  I thank you for that. 

Ah, yes, the Power of Prayer.

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