Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Monday, April 29, 2013

"Um, Good Morning?"

Living the apartment life is interesting.  With the weather getting warmer, more and more neighbors are venturing out and about.  There are some I'd like to be friends with for a long time.  Then, there are some who, when taking Snowball out to do his business, see us and think I need company.  I'll tell you about that one person in my next post.

For the most part, I like apartment living.  It's interesting.  I have a next door neighbor who is friendly, but, odd.  He is in his 60's.  He is very eccentric and everything you tell him, he has done that too, but, one better.  He has always been very nice to me and I love our conversations.  Trust me, if you want drama, he's the guy to go to.  Entertaining, to say the least.  He loves to go upstairs to the lady above me, and, together, they will sit on her porch and gossip. 

Now, the lady above me has lived here for over 30 years.  She is very sweet to me, always asking me how husband is doing.  Actually,  both of them ask me daily how husband is and did I get my rest.  Luckily, they have not yet gossiped about me.  I love to sit outside and listen to them. I giggle a lot when listening to them.

However, there is one lady who I  have spoken to who has not yet uttered one word to me, except to give me a glance or rather, a glare and walk by.  She does her laundry every Sunday morning, like clockwork.  She lives alone and talks to no one, except my eccentric neighbor, occasionally.  When I am sitting outside and she walks by, she will glance over at me, make a nasty face and continue on.  I have learned to not greet her "good morning", as it is a waste.

I asked my neighbor on the other side of me about this lady and M said that that is one of the nastiest person she has ever met.  She told me not to bother with her, she said that that woman is not nice to anyone.  

After M told me this, I now watch as this lady walks by.  And, I wonder.  How did she get so bitter?  What happened in her life to make her this way?  Or, was she always this way?  

Every Tuesday morning, she will walk across our little road to the duck pond.  There, she will stand and watch the ducks.  It's always Tuesday. 

With my life being what it is now,  when I see her, I think to myself, "Will I be like that 10 years from now?  Will I be so wrapped up in bitterness that I will offend friendly neighbors who just want to greet me?"

I'll be alone, like her.  I so hope I won't turn into someone like her. 

Every time I see her, I mutter under my breath, "No, Lord, don't let me be like her."  

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