Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Moving Part II

Manitou Springs is a magical place.  Just 20 minutes outside the Springs.  As tired as we all were, it was so worth it.  We talked so much, sitting around the table.  Manitou is one of the places that he original hippies came to in the 60's.  And, they are still there.  Wonderful, friendly and oh so interesting.  Walking, people look at you, smile, comment about the weather, what color shirt you are wearing, just about anything to strike up a conversation.

Our dinner was great.  I was looking forward to getting back to the apartment and having a nice hot shower, enjoying some cable TV and falling into my bed that had been sitting in a U-Haul truck for 2 weeks.

Luckily, the lady neighbor was asleep by the time we got back here.  She lives across the outside hall from us.  She did however, knock on our door yesterday, asking me if I wanted her to take the empty boxes I had set outside to the recycle bin.  I thanked her and she took them.  I'll be friendly, but, that's about it.  I hear from maintenance that she really is a lovely woman, just loves her beer.  Just a tad bit more than others.

Sunday was spent unpacking.  I am taking it easy this time.  My back really hurts.

This apartment is very spacious.  The other apartment in ABQ was so small, I didn't realize just how small it was until we moved here.  I have cupboards and drawers galore.  Space, space and more space.

Our patio and living room windows look out onto the grounds, trees, and the beautiful Cheyenne Mountains.  It's lovely.

The weather here in Colorado is so different from Albuquerque.  While it's still hot, the air is refreshing.  By 6 or 7 PM, it has cooled off and mornings are downright chilly.  Yesterday, I noticed the tops of the trees are beginning to turn a little yellow. 

Husband has been adjusting well.  Is sleeping good at night, but, gets confused as to where the bedroom or bathroom is.  His TV is set up along with his hospital bed, but, he prefers to sit out in the living room and look out the windows or just want to talk,

As I was sitting outside last night, I thought, "OK, you did what was asked of you.  You brought your husband here to die.  Are you ready for it?"

The answer to that is simple.  No.

Who is ever ready for something like that?

Deep in my heart of hearts, I know I did the right thing.  It's just that dying part I can't exactly wrap my head around this time.

I'll get there.  I just need time.

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