Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Thursday, August 8, 2013


Oh, how I wish it were next week this time.  The move would be done and all I would need to do is unpack.  If it were that easy.

Most of yesterday was spent getting my new driving glasses (the old ones were falling apart and every time I bent my head, they would fall off) and getting a new windshield for my car.  I can happily report, my new glasses are great and the windshield is in.

As I was waiting for the windshield, I was sitting in the lobby and the girl had gone to lunch so, the owner had to cover phones and walk ins.   A customer had walked in and they began to talk.  I took it from the conversation that he was not only a repeat customer, but friend as well.

This man asked how his dad was doing.  The owner said, "Well, as good as can be expected."  The man asked, "Is your mom caring for him?"  "Yes", said the owner, "But, this has been pretty hard on her."  The man replied, "Well, I've heard that caring for a person affected by Alzheimer's is pretty bad." 

After this customer left, the owner asked me where I was moving to.  I told him.  Then, I asked if his dad had Alzheimer's.  He said yes, he does.  I then explained that my husband has Alzheimer's, only a very rare form of it, lasting only a few short years before the end comes.  We had such a great conversation.  He was such a nice guy.  He told me that his dad can still walk, his legs are not affected, yet.  But, his dad does not know much anymore.  I told him about husband and what he can and cannot do now.

The owner was so interested in what I had to say.  Said he had never heard of husband's type of Alzheimer's.

Right before my car was ready, he said, "Are you going to wait until he passes to move to Colorado?"

"No, he wants to go to Colorado to die."

I didn't mean to make this grown man cry, but, he did.  At the counter, in front of customers, in front of his employees and in front of me.

I assured him it was going to be OK, I was doing what he wanted and I have peace about it all.

As I left, he said, "Peace be with you and your husband."

Yes, Peace.  It will follow me to Colorado.

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