Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Part II

Once I got inside this unit, the feeling of dread was overwhelming.   The first thing was the smell of smoke from the burned out unit next door.  I mentioned it to the Property Mgr.  She told me she didn't smell any smoke.  Funny, Tish and I were overcome by it.

It was small, but, then again, I knew that.  Went into the bedroom and was shocked by how small it was.  I had been reassured by Brad that it would fit a hospital bed and a queen size bed.  Yeah, maybe in their eyes, but, honestly, that room was so small, a queen bed could not fit in there.

I had been told that there was a walk in closet where I could fit our two dressers.  When I asked her where the walk in was, she said there was no walk in.

That did it.  I was so over all this mess.  On the way back to the office I told Tish, "There is no way I am going to bring Dad here.  I am done with this place."

Got back in her office and told her, "I would like the money orders back, please.  I was lied to by your Brad, and do not appreciate being tricked into this.  I came up here at my husband's request, his dying wish and I am treated like this?  I know this is not your fault, but, maybe you need to think about who you have working for you."  With that, I gathered up my money orders and walked out.

I was beside myself with Tish trying to calm me and soothe me.  I was having none of it.

I looked across the street at these other apartments.  I told Tish, "Go in there."  I had viewed these online back in Albuquerque, but, they were a little more in price and wanted to get as cheap as I could.  Trust me, cheap isn't always best.

As soon as I walked in, that nagging feeling of dread left.  I told them my story, they said they were shocked, but, not surprised.  I asked them if they could restore my faith in Colorado, because by this time, I was so over Colorado.

To make a long story short, I not only found a fantastic apartment, they put me in a Handicap Unit with no extra cost to me.  Usually, those are more expensive.

The apartment is much bigger than the one in Albuquerque, faces the Cheyenne Mountains, has a wood burning fireplace and a real dining room.  All the doors are extra wide, the bathroom has bars by the toilet and in the bathtub.  Oh yes, they have a walk in closet that's a real walk in closet!!  Be still my heart.

As I left yesterday after doing the final paperwork, I felt so good about this decision.  This is the place to live, I thought.  This is right.

We move in next Saturday, the 24th.

Through all of this, husband has been a real trooper.  He loves it here.  I like it, and will get over the first couple of rough days, but, if husband is happy, well, then so am I.

Oh, just a side note about this new apartment complex.  Yesterday, they assigned a parking space for me.  After doing so, the Mgr came out of her office and said, "We will be turning your parking space into a Handicapped Parking Only." 

I thought about all of this last night.  Yes, it was the right thing to do to come up here, but, sometimes, in order to get what is right, you gotta go through some kind of hell.

Colorado, my faith has been restored.

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