Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Move Part I

If I ever, I mean, ever decide to move again, someone, anyone, please reach through cyber space and slap the snot out of me. 

But, it's done.  The kitchen is mostly unpacked.  The living room is in reasonable shape.  The bedroom, ditto.  Dining room, still have to put up the table and chairs.  Bathroom is in an ok state.  Got the patio all set up.

It's beginning to look like a very nice apartment.  I like it here.  But, there's always something funny that happens to me.  Always.

We met our neighbors early Saturday morning.  I had to be here for the cable guy between 8 AM and 10 AM.  I couldn't get the keys until 9 AM, so, for once, I was hoping the cable guy would come a little late. 

They seemed nice, but, I noticed the lady had the gift of gab.  She offered to use her pool key so husband could sit down on a lounge chair, which I gladly took her up on.  Then, I noticed that the husband was drinking something out of a can.  Yes, it was beer, at 8 AM.  Oh well, I thought to myself, to each his own.  She then proceeds to tell me that she gave up driving for drinking.  I couldn't believe she was telling me, a perfect stranger, her life story.  I kept telling myself that maybe she was lonely, needing someone to talk to.

As the unloading began, and the cable guy was here, this lady kept wandering into my apartment, talking and talking, making comments about how nice a TV I had,  looking in boxes and talking some more.  I was trying my best to ignore her, asking her if she could please get out of the way, as we were busy.  She would leave, and re-appear throughout.

I was settling my patio furniture on the patio and suddenly, there she was, again.  Now, our patio is private, so she had to walk through the apartment to get on to the patio.  Everyone was at the truck, except for husband and myself.  She came through the patio door and said, "I thought I saw wicker furniture.  My, that's nice."  I very politely, but, sternly told her to please leave.

When we were done and Justin had set all the TV's, sound system and DVD player up, he and Anne wanted to take us to Manitou Springs for dinner.  As we were leaving, Tish was guiding husband in his wheelchair, coaxing him to sit down.  Out of nowhere,  here comes this lady, by then, with a few under her belt.  She decides she's going to guide husband in his chair.  As she is doing so, she says, "Now, I'm going to hug you, I don't care what your wife thinks, I can hug you all I want.  Oh my, your skin is so nice and soft."

Before Tish or I had time to react, husband pushed her off of him and snarled at her, "Get your damn hands off of me, lady."  She says, "Wow, I was only trying to help, but it looks like you are a very independent man."  She then came up to me and I told her we do not need her help, thank you, but, no thank you.

As we wheeled husband to Tish's van, there were a number of young guys at the BBQ pool area.  One of them ran up and said, "I'm so sorry about that lady here, let me help you."

Once we got in the van an as we were driving out, I looked at Tish and said, "Why, oh why, do drunks always come to me?"  And then, we began to laugh.  Hard, deep, totally exhausted laughs.

I haven't seen this lady since.  Hopefully, she got the message. 

Stay tuned.

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  1. Glad you are moved in. Is that lady right next door. Geez, what luck. Was it her husband drinking the beer or did she give the beer to your husband? We moved once and had a neighbor like that. I noted she was very very yellow. Here she had a type of Hepatitis. Scary. She was always in our business. Her kids were so mean. They had an above the ground swimming pool. Her husband would run a drain to the very edge of their yard to drain it. All the water....all of it went into our yard....downhill. It never got inside our house but still. My husband got them a longer tube to drain in their front yard by the street to stop them. Also the husband was a truck driver. HE would run his truck all night parked almost in our front yard. Good luck, I think yours got the message. Hope you adjust well.