Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Thursday, August 15, 2013


And so, we wait until next Saturday when we move into this new apartment.  There are stipulations in order to get into these apartments.  They are very strict in their rules and regulations.

Our water, trash and sewer is billed to you along with your rent.  You have to get the power through Colorado Electric Company and then, before you move in, provide them with proof that you did so.

If you have a pet, you have to provide them with a certificate of health with a vet, also proving that you are saying you have this kind of dog when in fact, you have another.  My little baby dog is going to the vet today to get just that. 

There are some breed of dogs they do not allow.  Luckily, my dog is an 8lb Maltese, so, he qualifies.

Renters Insurance.  Still have to get that.  I had it at the old complex, but, they do not cover this region.

Oh yes, then there's the credit check.  I passed that one as well as a background check.  Seems like a lot, but, just knowing that everyone who lives there are decent people, is enough for me. Not like the old apt in Albuquerque.  After living there for a couple of months, I found out, they'll rent to anyone.

This new apartment is nestled in the foothills of the Cheyenne mountains.  A shopping center is about a 45 second drive there.  I could walk. 

So, I wait.

Our whole life is in a U-Haul truck, parked here on base at Ft Carson.  Waiting as well.

Husband is doing well.  He loves to be taken outside and look at his surroundings.  I asked him the other day, "So, was all this worth it?  The crappy apartment we almost took, the stress in finding another one, the everything?"

He glanced around, looked at the mountains, smiled and said, "Oh yes."

So, if it's good for him, then it's good for me.


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